What’s new in social media.

What’s new in social media.

social media news

    Social media tools and tricks change weekly, so it can be a real pain keeping up with what’s hot and what’s been dropped. (We’re looking at you LinkedIn stories 😉) Here are some of our top social media updates from October.

    Pinterest Announces a story like ‘watch tab’ at its creators festival.

    Instagram launched co-authored posts called ‘Collabs’ Collaborating is a huge part of how people connect on Instagram. To make that easier, we’re testing a new way for people to co-author Feed Posts and Reels, called Collabs.

    Instagram announcement: social media managers can now post content from their desktop. Finally!  

    Is Facebook really changing its name? Here’s what you need to know. 

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    The ultimate business hashtag list 2021

    The ultimate business hashtag list 2021

    Ultimate business hashtag listv designated

      What are hashtags and why should you consider using them for your social media marketing? What is the best business hashtag list to use for your business?

      A hashtag (#) is a label (or labels) attached to a social media post. It’s a simple way for people to search for common topics across social media platforms.

      You might be familiar with hashtags on Twitter, but they are used widely across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can follow hashtags you might be interested in on LinkedIn and Instagram, plus you can add them to Instagram and Facebook Stories.

      The key with hashtags is to fully understand your audience and ensure you use the most relevant hashtags for your content. We talk more about this in our recent blog post Why use hashtags in your social media posts

      So where can you start? We’ve done some initial research for you on the most popular business hashtags list, which can be used for many types of businesses. Don’t try to use them all at once! Experiment with these broad hashtags and see which ones work for you.

      Does this all seem like too much effort? Do you not have the time to do all the research needed to get the most effective list of hashtags for your business?  Why don’t you let our team at Designated look into a social media strategy for you and take care of all your hashtags at the same time!


      The Best Business Hashtag List for Instagram












      The Best Hashtags For Marketing for Instagram










      The best hashtags for Medical for Instagram












      The Best Hashtags For Restaurants for Instagram












      The Best Hashtags For Fitness for Instagram












      The Best Hashtags For Events for Instagram












      The Best Hashtags For Recruitment for Instagram












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      What’s new in social media?

      What’s new in social media?

      Social Media

      With social media constantly evolving we look at some of the latest updates to some of the most commonly used social media platforms.

      Facebook introduces the rollout of Facebook Reels

      Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it will begin the rollout of Facebook Reels in the U.S. Select Facebook users are now able to create Reels within the Facebook app (on both iOS and Android), and share them to Facebook Groups and their News Feeds.  Facebook Reels, which will give Facebook users the ability to create and share short-form video content directly within the News Feed or within Facebook Groups.

      Find out more: https://techcrunch.com/2021/08/19/in-growing-battle-with-tiktok-facebook-to-test-facebook-reels-in-the-u-s/?utm_content=bufferdbe92&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer


      Facebook and Instagram face criticism for Covid misinformation

      Social media companies came under fire after a report by the non-profit Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) revealed that a group dubbed the “disinformation dozen” are responsible for 65% of online anti-vaccine content.



      Instagram Reels can now be 60 seconds long! (hurrah)

      In response to community feedback, Instagram will now allow Reels to be up to one minute in length. Reels first launched with a 15-second time limit in August 2020, and was doubled to 30 seconds a month later. https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-updates/instagram/reels-up-to-60-seconds-long/


      TikTok has announced new partnerships with both Vimeo and Canva to provide more ways for marketers to build better campaign creative in each respective app.

      The new integrations will facilitate direct connection between TikTok Ad Manager and each platform, making it easy to build TikTok creative, and upload it straight into your campaign. The creative options also align with key TikTok dimensions and creative flows, ensuring that your clips feel natural and in line with the rest of the platform – and not too polished and ad-like, which is a key consideration in your TikTok marketing approach.



      We also thought you may find interesting, recent marketing statistics from the social media examiner industry report

      • Instagram is hot: Seventy-eight percent of marketers are using Instagram. It’s the second most important social platform for marketing (behind Facebook). A significant 64% of marketers plan on increasing their Instagram organic activities over the next 12 months. Instagram is the number-one platform marketers want to learn more about.
      • Stories video use is on the rise: Short-form video is growing. More than half of all marketers regularly use Instagram and Facebook for video-based stories.
      • YouTube interest is high: A significant 71% of marketers plan on increasing their use of YouTube video and 72% want to learn more about organic video marketing on the platform.
      • TikTok is ignored by most marketers: Only 9% of marketers are using TikTok. A significant 68% do not plan on using the platform in the next year; however, 32% are interested in learning more about TikTok.
      • Facebook dominance still strong: A very significant 93% of marketers use Facebook (followed by Instagram at 78%). Fifty-four percent of marketers claim Facebook is their most important social platform. Facebook Live is the leading live video platform used by 30% of marketers. Facebook ads are used by 75% of marketers and 61% find the Facebook ads platform the most important for ads.


      Their research also shows a significant 64% of marketers plan on increasing their Instagram organic activities over the next 12 months, making it the top platform where marketers plan on doing more.

      You can download the full report here:


      If you want to find out more about using social media to raise your brand awareness and drive sales, contact designated’s marketing director Michelle who would be happy to tell you all about our fab team: michelle.wheeler@designated.com

      What’s new in Social Media – August 2021

      What’s new in Social Media – August 2021

      What's new social media

      With social media changing constantly we look at some of the latest updates to some of the most commonly used social media platforms.

      Clubhouse is now out of beta and open to everyone!

      One year later, Clubhouse is finally out of beta. The company announced Wednesday that it would end its waitlist and invite system, opening up to everybody. Now, anybody can follow Clubhouse links, hop into a creator’s community or join any public event. But is it too late? If you’ve been wondering about the platform now is the time to see if it’s for you.

      Read more: https://tcrn.ch/3rTNtRr


      Confirms test of new anti-harassment tool, Limits, designed for moments of crisis.

      Instagram is currently a feature known as ‘limits’ which would allow Instagram users to temporarily lock their accounts when they’re being harassed or ‘trolled’ online. This comes as positive news particularly due to a particularly turbulent year on social media.

      Read more: https://tcrn.ch/3yrc5Df

      Instagram Expands Insights Data to 60 Days, Providing More Analytical Capacity.

      Good news for Instagram marketers, with the platform today announcing that it’s doubling the data tracking period within Instagram Insights, stretching it from up to 30 days past to 60 days instead.

      Has just announced that a Canva integration will be rolled out in August
      allowing enhanced capabilities when creating LinkedIn Stories on mobile. A rep confirmed that you don’t need a Canva account to use this feature & it will all be seamlessly included in the LinkedIn app.

      Introduces Voice Transformer to Twitter Spaces

      As Twitter Spaces becomes more popular, the company has been working on new ways to make it even more appealing to users. Now Twitter is implementing a new “Voice Transformer” feature that, as the name suggests, will provide multiple effects to change voices in real time during a live Spaces.

      Read more: https://bit.ly/3jtSAUo

      Has added New Live-Stream Features, Including Live Guests and Q&A Panels

      As TikTok continues to expand, it’s also looking to build upon its functions and offerings as a means to maximize its potential, and provide more ways to establish community in the app.
      This week, TikTok has added some new elements to its live-streaming options, including scheduled events that you can promote, live Q & A, and a co-streaming option to enhance the experience.

      Read more: https://bit.ly/3Achped

      If you want to find out more about using social media to raise your brand awareness and drive sales, contact designated’s marketing director Michelle who would be happy to tell you all about our fab team: michelle.wheeler@designatedgroup.com






      Are you using awareness days in your social media content calendar?

      Are you using awareness days in your social media content calendar?

      social media content calendar

      What are awareness days and how can I use these in my marketing?
      Awareness days are planned days where a cause is being highlighted on social media. There are so many, they range from business-related ones to more fun and light-hearted ones!

      You can plan a marketing strategy using these, choosing the ones which are the most relevant to you personally and for your business. These days are known a fair way in advance, so you can plan content and your messages ahead of time.

      How do you use them?
      Awareness and national days are incredibly popular on social media, generally used as hashtags and more often than not, trending on Twitter. This provides a golden opportunity to join the conversation, increase your engagement and reach new audiences.

      You’ll need to select the right awareness days to include as part of your marketing strategy, it needs to be relevant and match your brand tone or objectives. When thinking about awareness days, you can use this framework to select the most appropriate day for you.

      1. Do the causes align with your business?
      2. Does the cause match or enhance your business values?
      3. Are the causes aligned to your Corporate social responsibility goals?
      4. Is it something you’re passionate about?
      5. Is the cause driven by staff interest or staff engagement?

      It’s important to be able to give your business’s unique view or context to the awareness days. Your content will then be more valuable and raise awareness on this topic.
      You’ll need to do your research though, finding the relevant hashtags, and this will allow people to see your content and get involved, extending your reach. Your activity needs to be a win-win for you and the awareness day or cause. You’ll be supporting them, increasing awareness and creating conversation and engagement.

      The content you create for the awareness day can be a good content hook, driving traffic to your website from your social channels. It’s timely and often being talked about already, so planning your content ahead of time and publishing on the right day is key!

      Make sure to also include your involvement in appropriate emails and any newsletters too, so your email subscribers aren’t missing out on this valuable content. You might be able to remind them of your social accounts and encourage them to become new followers too.

      Do you want a hand getting your marketing strategy sorted? Do you know the awareness days you’d like to use for your business?

      At Designated we only hire industry experts. Each has over 10 years of experience working across various industries and with household brand names.

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