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Drivers of Change

We care about people. We strive for success.  We are driven by helping and supporting people achieve their goals and aspirations in life and business.

Designated provide flexible admin & business support to business owners looking to grow and achieve more.

Our story

In September 2013, Jane Braithwaite, Founder and Managing Director, was looking for a flexible career and first started providing virtual personal assistant services and flexible admin & business support to small business owners and private individuals.

Jane’s vision was to offer cost effective and tailored virtual PA support to those not ready or equipped to invest in a full time employee.

Start ups, individuals, consultants, small businesses and corporates wanted flexible and affordable support and so the business grew.

At the same time Jane realised the wealth of talent also looking for the same flexibility.  Career flexibility whilst certainly seeing more limelight these days is still a ‘lucky perk’  rather than a norm in the workplace.  As a result Jane was able to build a dynamic team of people with expertise, wealth of experience, business acumen, loyalty, passion and trust.

Just two years after it was founded Designated won its first award and continued to grow from strength to strength with Jane’s forward thinking, and continued innovation.

Where are we today

Designated has expanded and today along with the dynamic team of Personal Assistants, we have a team of Marketing experts, Finance and Bookkeeping professionals and HR specialists offering professional flexible admin & business support  in these areas.

our mission

To provide expertise and support to enable you to reach your goals.

Together we collaborate to help deliver growth and success.

Our community

From the start it was clear that a wealth of talent was being wasted due to the lack of flexible careers for those seeking to manage both life, family and a professional career. We are proud to be able to offer what we believe is the FUTURE OF WORK – complete flexibilty and support to enjoy work on equal terms.  We trust in our team to deliver the outcomes in line with the first class service we promise our clients.

We whole heartidly support the flexible working movement and #flexappeal lead by the amazing Mother Pukka, and admire and champion those individuals, ambassadors and companies leading the way to make it the norm.  We also celebrate the growing community of professionals carving their own path in this way of working. #ownyourwork

Fearless Leaders

Designated is lead by a dedicated and loyal team aligned to our culture of being proactive, dynamic and caring about how and what services we deliver to our clients.

Jane Braithwaite

Jane Braithwaite

Founder and Managing Director

Kim Smith

Kim Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Wheeler

Michelle Wheeler

Marketing Director

Sophie Brown

Sophie Brown

Head of Client Services

Abi Ahern

Abi Ahern

Head of Client Services

Ally Wright

Ally Wright

Talent Manager

Hear what our clients say


“I feel truly blessed for such a wonderful, loyal and special team by my side…work relationships for me are so important and mean the world. I can’t think of nicer people to be working with…” 


“I have been extremely grateful for the presence and interest of my Designated PA and others within the company: helping with technical and admin questions.”


“My PA gets rid of the noise while at the same time having an impact on the success of our business; by releasing strategic headspace which allows me to better lead the organisation.” 

Let us help you succeed.  
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