Women on Boards

Events Case Study – UK Corporate Event Management 

The Client

Women on Boards exists to help members make the right connections and career choices to take on a board role as a non-executive director, trustee or governor, or to get to the top within their company.

They are breaking down the barriers to entry to the boardroom and building the pipeline of board-ready women, minorities and like minded men who go to them for support.


Women on Boards logo


The Brief

Women on Boards (WoB UK) have been a PA client of Designated since we first began in. As the pandemic situation developed in mid-2020, WoB UK realised that they needed a new, virtual, way to deliver their workshops to all of their clients, both public and corporate. Whilst support on the public side was already on hand via the Designated PAs who work with them, they approached us to help with the Corporate side, needing someone with events and administrative experience to support the Head of Corporate Partnerships, Ancia Cronje, in all aspects of that side of the business. 


Scope of work

  • Corporate events management
  • Streamline procedures and processes
  • Events marketing communications
  • Post event analysis



Every aspect of the Corporate division had been managed solely by Ancia up to this point. By overseeing the Events administration, this freed up Ancia to concentrate on developing workshop content, nurturing existing relationships to ensure contract renewals, and creating new relationships to increase the client base, knowing that everything else was in safe hands. 

The outcome is a well organised, professional department, that delivers high-end virtual workshops to Corporate clients such as PwC, JP Morgan and HSBC.  

Virtual PA

When Covid 19 hit, the format of all the corporate events at WOB NexGen had to change imminently to meet the dynamic needs of our global corporate partners. The challenge was primarily to switch our in-house workshops, talks and events over to remote hybrid platforms without compromising quality and content. With the swift intervention of Designated and Jodi Newton in particular, we were able to seamlessly move from one to the next. 

Jodi stepped into the multi-facetted role with ease and the necessary professionalism we required to assure our partners that it was business as usual. She has become an integral part of our corporate team who independently manages the planning, execution and follow-up of all our events. 

Ancia Cronje

WOB NexGen,
Head of Corporate Partnerships 

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