Congratulations! You now have a handful of newly acquired subscribers. These potential customers liked the idea of your product/ service so much that they want to hear more about it before they decide to purchase. On the sales funnel, this would be one of the last steps to securing that order! But would you like to attract MORE than a handful of subscribers? And how?

FACT: In a B2B study, the content marketing institute found that 78% of respondents received newsletters.

A newsletter is a cost effective way to build on relationships and engage with your subscribers. Publishing a newsletter gives your subscribers vital information and awareness of your products including other services that they may not have been aware of. But how do we ensure they sign up with us in the first place? Take a look below at our anatomy of a newsletter.

The Aim

  • To drive traffic to your site
  • To create an instant buzz for your new product/service
  • To increase engagement
  • To generate sales on demand

Newsletter Basics

Templates – Click here for free newsletter templates, then jump to below for filling in the content.

The Header – Your Logo. This is a similar layout to a website homepage. We need our subscribers to know what they are looking at from the get go and to stand out among their backlog of  emails.

First Section – Your opening paragraph. Remember to use different sized headers for each new topic to separate them. What new service or product do you have this month? Any special discounts or offers?

Second Section – As 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, we want to put a great stand out photo in here. What is the product or service? Make an impact!

Third Section –  Rather than overload the customer with paragraph after paragraph, lets educate the customer on our product/ service here and put all the benefits in easy to read bullet points. Remember, most people only quickly glance over a newsletter before it goes into their junk mail so we need to ensure the key points stand out. And fast!

Fourth Section – This can be your social media platforms and links to a great blog post that they may have missed previously. We want to encourage them to follow us on our social media platforms and become a regular visitor to our website rather than a just stopping by once a month when the newsletter is released.

So you don’t have the time to create engaging content and a monthly newsletter? Would you like some assistance? Then get in touch with Designated PA and let us create a highly engaging and unique newsletter just for you!