At Designated PA, we trust and utilise one of the best CRM platforms on the market. Zoho CRM.

This allows us to store and share a mass of sensitive data, safe in the knowledge that no 7 year old in the world can gain access!

Here’s a users personal story…..

My Home Doctor provides patients with 24/7, non-emergency medical attention

With close to 70 advanced registered nurse practitioners and board-certified physicians on staff completing visits throughout the state of Florida, information flow and scheduling can be quite a challenge.

As business began to grow, Scheduling Coordinator and Project Manager for My Home Doctor’s Wellness Visit program Alex Haynes, knew that they needed a way to organize and track the increasing amount of data they were dealing with, so he set about finding an application to do the data organization for them…

The Business

My Home Doctor’s Wellness Visit program encompasses annual in-home physician visits reminiscent of the past when doctor house calls were the norm. These visits are all managed by Haynes.

“The idea behind My Home Doctoris like the old-world model when doctors only made house calls to check on patients,” Haynes said. “But we’ve taken that concept and updated it to today’s world of medicine.”

Haynes and his team receive an annual list of members that includes 16,000 – 20,000 individuals. “My team (which consists of 5-8 MHD representatives) is responsible for surveying these members to identify if there are any additional needs they have that are not being met.”

The Challenge: Finding a data tracking system to accommodate growth

Recently, My Home Doctor’s patient volume began to dramatically increase in conjunction

with its increased partnerships with insurance companies. This resulted in an increased number of weekly and annual visits by physicians meaning a much higher volume of data for Haynes and his team.

This data largely included information regarding tracking leads, contacts, and communication with those contacts for which My Home Doctor was using Google Docs to track and manage the information flow. However, as the data volume increased, Google Docs became increasingly inefficient. .

“Our biggest setback was that we were losing data,” Hayes said. “Google Docs provided the live stream we needed, but unfortunately, human error often led to information we had gathered either accidentally or unwittingly being lost. Not only were we losing information, but we were losing a tremendous amount of time as well trying to locate lost data. It was a

lose-lose scenario and we were missing out on opportunities for further growth.”

Finding the Right CRM

Realizing its current data-tracking inefficiencies, My Home Doctor began the hunt for a

CRM solution. They sought to establish two distinct accounts to manage data for not only

the Wellness Visit program, but also an additional program that manages information for patients with chronic conditions.

“We were looking for a program that could generate pre-defined reports to help us understand our data,” Haynes said. “And we wanted a straightforward interface. Something that would be easy to adopt in both departments.”

Haynes said they looked at several CRMs on the market such as Salesforce and Goldmine, but neither CRM gave them what they were looking for.

“Our primary concern was finding a month-to-month license,” Haynes said. “Some companies try to lock you into a contract; however, it’s not uncommon that a particular system doesn’t work out and if you have bought-in for a year —it’s the sort of thing people lose their jobs over! So a month-to-month contract was really important.”

My Home Doctor discovered Zoho CRM after reading a feature in Forbes Magazine. The

information they found sealed the deal for Haynes and his team.“I loved that it was cloud-based CRM,”he said. “In addition, the flexibility and customization that it offered over other CRMs like Salesforce definitely put us in favor of picking Zoho.”

Transitioning to ZohoCRM:

Once they found the right solution, transitioning to a CRM mindset was easy for Haynes

and his team – even for those members who were not tech savvy.

“Zoho is user-friendly, which makes a huge difference,” he said. “I’ve been able to learn it

easily and train the other people in my office quickly. The simple interface is really what

makes this possible.”

Life After Implementation

“Both of our accounts have noticed a lot more efficiencies since the implementation. For

example, our case managers for chronic patients, rather than running formulas through a

spread sheet, now have a pre-defined report that spits out all the numbers they need. This

saves them a ton of time.”

Furthermore, My Home Doctor has renewed confidence in recording patient data and

generating reports. “Zoho CRM takes the calculations out of the hands of employees. This

ensures accuracy and makes us more comfortable with the numbers we’re recording.”

The most notable shift has been the increase in the overall organization of

Haynes’team. “We’re averaging maybe 15-20 percent time saved each day,”he said. “We were losing data before, so transitioning to a more secure and robust system was significant to the success of our patient outreach and to our overall business.”

What Would You Say to Other Customers About Zoho CRM?

“Zoho CRM is perfect and affordable for any small businesses. The customization opportunities are a huge bonus —you can do whatever you need within the program without any trouble. They also have great customer service.”