10 Reasons to Hire a Designated PA

Reason No.4 in the series to explain in a top 10, why to hire a Designated PA is all about LOVE!

Love is all you need!

The Managing Director of Designated PA, Jane Braithwaite cares deeply how we do business. We care not just about excellent customer service, high standards, operational efficiency, your data security and much more, but we care about our team and also about the world around us.  As a result of this we have a number of initiatives that ensure we we finish our working day feeling like we are contributing and aware of our corporate social responsibility.  

We Care about How we do Business

We Care about How we do Business…

Corporate Patron of the PETER JONES FOUNDATION

We are a proud corporate of the Peter Jones Foundation and regularly support the team in their efforts to educate and inspire the next generation of business owners and entrepreneurs. Watch out for our posts from our very own Designated PA Sophie who currently works with the team at the foundation.

Becoming a B – Corporation

We are also working towards becoming accredited as a B Corporation which shows we care about business as a force for good. We invest in our employees, work hard for and support our clients and care about the environment and the world around us. Follow our journey here.

Feel connected to the world around you and want to work with a team how care too?  Get in touch. or speak to Hilary.