It’s incredibly hard to find a good balance as a manager. You want to DELEGATE, and not always assume you can do it better, be supportive, but not like a best friend and have the ability to justly reprimand if needed.

And there’s more!

Skills and techniques are easy to teach, but the winning formula includes having empathy, good values, beliefs and a great attitude. We all hear about the GOOD qualities of a fantastic manager, but what are the most common mistakes of a BAD one?


In this post, we are going to look at the top 5 MISTAKES of a BAD manager!

Failing To Get To Know Your Team – Relationship development is a KEY factor when it comes to managing. How else would you discover good qualities, what needs improvement and individual goals? Also, do you know when they are going on holiday? How many children they have? Did you congratulate them on their daughters graduation? It’s the little things that will make you more responsive as a manager.

Not Providing Clear Direction – I’ve personally lost count of the amount of managers that will use a sentence to provide instructions for an elaborate project, then criticise when it wasn’t completed correctly. Balance is the key here. You want your team to learn for themselves but at the same time not be completely rudderless.

Failure To Trust – Micromanaging is a brilliant example of this. It’s frustrating, demoralising and makes you feel like you cannot work without instruction. The loss of confidence leads to an unhappy working life and at the very worst can lead to resignation. Have trust in your team and match their best qualities to suitable projects.

Poor Listening Skills – Listening and understanding someone else’s point of view is a learned skill that requires time and effort. It’s vital to recognise that your team members may be a lot more adept in salesforce than you are, and they may see an easier way of doing things or why something will not work.

Failure To React To Issues – Probably the BIGGEST mistake made! Yes it’s uncomfortable if two team members are not getting along, and someone needs to be reprimanded, but it’s something that cannot be ignored in the workplace. Do you want to lose key team players because they are unhappy in their working environment?

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