That realization can either be frustrating or liberating, depending on how you choose to deal with it.

I decided to go with liberating.

Once I accepted the fact that the list will never be done, much of the pressure to get it all done right now is removed. I learned to be content knowing there will always be an endless list of tasks to accomplish, and getting them done will be a matter of prioritizing time and allocating budget. It really is that simple.

When someone told me something needs to be done, I either responded with, “It’s on the list,” or “I’ll add it to the list.” Depending on who made the suggestion, it may get put near the top or near the bottom.

I used to feel like I needed to be some kind of super-WOMAN—you know, one of those gals who has nothing on the repair bench and all their processes totally sorted out. What I learned is that that person don’t really exist; at least I’ve never met any. And I know a lot of people!

They all face the same issues. When I visit them at their workplace, they all say, “Yeah, we’ve got so and so working on this or that…”

So if you’ve been feeling inadequate because your to-do list is seemingly endless, relax. You are part of a large group of  NORMAL PEOPLE who also have a long list of projects to work on. Chances are, regardless of how hard you work at it, that list will still be there. Do your best, then go home at night knowing you’ve still got something to work on tomorrow. And the next day. Consider it job security?