It’s not an easy start for a small business when you realise you are competing against millions of other companies in the same industry as you. The difference is, you’re fully aware what your business has to offer and how its services and products can EASILY surpass all the competition, but your customer? Not so much.

So how do you make your small business sound unique among all your contenders? Here are just a few tips below.

How To Make Your Business Sound Unique  

  • Your Principles – What does your company stand for? How do your beliefs form the foundation of your company? What is your story?
  • What Annoys You – WHY did you create this product? In an already bustling market, what was it you saw that annoyed you about your chosen industry? What did you want to change?
  • Your Tribe – WHO do you stand for and why? Which age group and demographic are you targeting for your specific product or services?
  • Emphasise Your Product – The majority of companies will use packaging, but is yours sustainable? You may not even realise it, but some of the envelopes your company will use are made from recycled paper. Make your customers aware you’re green thinking, then build up a story on this fact. Does your company work with any charities? Then why not put this on your website? You get the idea : )

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