Ah, at last… Spring is just around the corner heralding milder temperatures, daffodils, lambs and Easter (mmm, chocolate).  Could it get any better?  Well yes, in fact. Daylight Saving Time (DST) is fast approaching in Europe (29th March) whilst our American cousins get their fix of sunshine a few weeks prior (8th March).  So we lose an hour, but gain seven months’ worth of progressively lighter mornings and evenings – opening up more opportunities for early morning training sessions, impromptu al fresco dining, extended playtime, and generally a more optimistic tint to everyone’s sunglasses.

It’s also a time to freshen up the wardrobe, de-clutter the house and revisit chores that never quite got finished. Perhaps you are wondering about how to revamp your style, revaluate priorities or generally give your work-life balance a bit of an overhaul?  Designated PA have the skills to help you bring order to the looming chaos, with a team of highly experienced personal assistants who pride themselves on offering exceptional levels of service.

We are able to provide you exactly the right kind of support, exactly when you need it.  We are masters of creating calm out of confusion, and we love to get on with the tasks you hate; think organising diaries, sorting out expenses, follow-ups, cancellations, coordinating the children’s activities, checking the dog’s vaccinations are up to date and remembering to book a table for dinner. And we love a challenge. We are your guardian angel, fairy godmother, and Miss Moneypenny all rolled into one.  We can magic away the stress and get stuck into your ‘To Do’ list, finding practical and workable solutions to your every dilemma. Your wish is quite possibly our command.

So, when you next throw open the curtains and think about all the things you want to accomplish that day/ week/ month, don’t panic – pick up the phone and get in touch with us.  Designated PA can help you find a solution to all your business needs, and personal affairs.

Don’t forget: the clocks go forward one hour on Sunday 29th March