At Designated PA we are totally passionate about flexible working, and we practice what we preach! (Just ask our PAs). That’s why we are supporting @mother_pukka and Flex Appeal in campaigning for flexible work for all.

2 ways to help:

1. Head to Trafalgar Square at 12.30pm tomorrow and join the flash mob being filmed by the One Show!

2. Post your flexible working stories (good, bad or ugly) on Insta at 12pm tomorrow along with a photo of a white piece of paper with the words ‘Flex Appeal’ written on it. Simple.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to our PAs…

“I love working for Designated PA because I can continue my career working with exciting clients, be at home for my young children and be part of a fantastic supportive team. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you have to choose between the two, choose DPA!”Philippa Pavlou

“I love working for Designated PA because it offers me the best of both worlds. The opportunity for career continuation and to grow working for high profile clients in an encouraging environment amongst inspiring, like minded individuals & the precious time to enjoy helping and watching my children to grow.”Christina Reilly

“I love working for Designated PA because I’m surrounded by incredible women who support & understand the need for flexible working.”Sophie Brown

“I love working for Designated PA because I get to do the school run again, I am able to juggle being a single mom and working all whilst sipping coffee. One of the best things is that you can work from anywhere as long as there is wifi. I’m living the dream. We have a fantastic team and amazing support. What more could you want?” – Emily Leeson

“I love working for DPA as I can be there for my children whilst being ‘me’ as a working professional. I feel proud that I can contribute to the household income and take the pressure off my husband. It’s really as good as it gets. Another reason is that the founder and MD of designated pa is a mother too and really promotes the essence of flexible working.” – Rebecca Trotman

“I love working for DPA because it enables me to continue working but also have the flexibility to work around my children and their needs too. I never thought a job like this existed and I am enjoying every minute of it. It is so great to have such a nice team and support network.” – Samantha Milton

“I love working at Designated PA because we are valued by our clients, we can feel proud of ourselves as a team and I still have the freedom to make the most of my life and time with my family.”Jane Braithwaite

“I love working for Designated PA because it has allowed me to ‘HAVE IT ALL’ 👊🏼🙋🏻 – a rewarding career and the ability to be at home for my 2 amazing children.”Kim Smith


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