Designated PA recommends Inside Out Image, a London based business that works with individuals and groups on the impact they have on others and how they build positive relationships at work, to fulfil their potential.

Making a Big Impact

Inside Out Image run by Joanna Gaudoin helps financial and professional services individuals achieve greater career success and their organisations’ improve business performance, by working with them on their personal impact and relationship building skills.

Inside Out Image Logo

Prior to establishing Inside Out Image, Joanna Gaudoin spent 10 years in marketing and consultancy. She now works with clients one-to-one, as well as speaking and running workshops.  These range across all areas of personal impact and relationship building; including appearance, body language and voice, as well as the skills and confidence for different business scenarios such as meetings, networking and presentations.

Navigating Office Politics with Inside Out Image

Additionally, she helps clients navigate ‘office politics’. Facilitated by a diagnostic profiling tool to help clients understand how they currently interact and how this could be improved, to achieve their objectives.