Designated PA recommends AGORA – a Founders’ Club focused on driving start up growth through the power of the right connection and also on the key determinants of early and sustained success as a founder: peer to peer mentorship & wellbeing.

A Members Club for Business Founders

Driving business success, longevity, diversity and extraordinary global talent. Harnessing the power of the right connection, mentorship and wellbeing, at the right time.

It is creating a movement of people. An energy force that together will innovate and become “champions” fostering tangible, positive change in the world and in business. AGORA

Creating Connections with AGORA

You are who you surround yourself with. In a world where technology is developing at an exponential rate, and enabling development across verticals to be fast tracked, Agora is bridging the gap between human and digital interaction – pushing and embracing innovation in communication but retaining and encouraging our basic evolutionary behaviour, helping to retain emotional regulation, so integral to success.