A great manager can attract exceptional staff, likewise, a great leader can CREATE exceptional staff. But what are the differences between the two?

A manager’s job is to plan and organise, whilst a leaders characteristics help to inspire and motivate. Other notable differences are a manager has employees working for him, where as a leader has employees FOLLOWING him. A highly successful business strives to incorporate both qualities in the hopes of attaining prosperity AND vision.

So which categories do you fall into? Observe the contrasts below and decide which additional qualities you can bring to your business.

Team Leader


  • Sells – ‘I have a fantastic idea and I’m certain it will work if you can help me with it’
  • Takes Risks – ‘This may seem a bit risky but in the long-term we will surpass our goals’
  • Encourages – ‘I really like how you have improved this process, let’s discuss how to incorporate it’
  • Goals – ‘We’ve hit our target this quarter, but with harder work we can obliterate it!’
  • The System – ‘Our system works perfectly, but is there a way we can improve it? Make it faster?’
  • Think With Their Hearts – ‘This idea is creative and inspiring, let’s try it!’


  • Tells – ‘This is what I want you to do it, and in this specific way’
  • Minimises Risks¬†– ‘ We don’t want to risk changing to this new idea, time is money’
  • Instructs – ‘I have your job specifications and what it entails if you need it’
  • Meets Expectations – We have met our target for this quarter, job done’
  • It’s Not Broken – ‘It works perfectly, why change anything?
  • Think With Their Heads – ‘This idea is the most logical’

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