As far as marketing trends go for 2016, the number one priority as always is trying to improve the customer experience. Did you know that 70% of buying experiences comes down to how the customer feels they are being treated? And 78% have bailed on a transaction at the last minute due to poor service? With these shocking statistics, it’s imperative we ensure our customer experience is seamless.

At some point, every business deals with an unhappy customer. Rather than feel defensive, its important to have gratitude for this feedback as the customer is single – handedly helping to improve the customer experience for the masses and to build trust in your brand. All vital for rapid business growth.

5 Things Your Customer Wished You Knew About Them

  • GOOD service over FAST service – A recent study uncovered that customers are much better at remembering a brand AND telling their friends about a positive shopping experience with a seamless, and ‘complete’ service. Worried your last order was too slow? 18 % of customers cited rushed and rude services as a reason to abandon a brand over slow service. You can breathe now…
  •  Customers will pay more for personalisation  A study was undertaken in a top restaurant. Waiters following up with a SECOND set of mints after they brought the customer the cheque increased their tips by 23%! All without changing the quality of the service. So how about looking into a quick follow up email with your customers now, to make sure they are happy with the service?
  • Brand stories are HIGHLY effective – Telling your companies story has the ability to create emotion and transport us to another place. A unique story allows a brand to leave a lasting impression, and as 90% of purchases are made subconsciously, it’s vital we nail it.
  • As for Loyalty programs? Retention is vital for growth and small businesses try to make the most of this with their loyalty programs. But how can we ensure the customer doesn’t drop out? Consumer psychologists revealed that customers are twice as likely to stay if the program has already started. So start adding those points now!
  • Sell time OVER money – Customers are more likely to remember time well spent with them and great service over a special offer or saving.

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