Admittedly when it comes to new years resolutions, I have a shockingly bad result rate. I manage to devoutly stick to them for a few wobbly weeks before forgetting what I had chosen to adhere to in the first place! But when it comes to business, we’ve stuck to our marketing and branding plans like glue, resulting in an incredible 110% increase in traffic this year. Pretty incredible results considering we only started our business blog in May 2016!

So what are my top 5 business resolutions for this year?

  • Figure Out What Makes You Money – Ok, so this seems fairly obvious, but we have used multiple ways to generate income this year with varying results. It’s about picking the most successful route and developing it rather than trying to cover a broad spectrum, thus system overload. According to last year, the dominant factor in lead generation came down to our business blog. This in return massively increased our traffic, leading to a higher ranking in google search engines and in return, more clients.
  • Find A Niche – We started Designated PA to provide business owners and private individuals with virtual personal assistance, in particular supporting startups and small businesses. This would be considered our niche, and we structured our marketing plans to fit accordingly. So, do you know your niche? For example, do you target a particular sector? Which sector gives you the highest return?

                      ‘By specialising in a particular area or targeting a specific type of customer, you can        actually make more money than trying to be all things to all people.’

  • Get Found For Free – If you are a local business, list your business for free on search engine local listings. This will ensure when a potential customer is searching for your sector, you will appear in the google listings with a small map showing your location. Try to add your company to;
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yelp
  • Thomson
  • Seek Assistance When Needed – We are expanding at an incredibly fast rate. It would be idiotic to assume that we can use the same marketing tactics, target audience and similarly spent hours for our new sectors this year as we branch out even further. We will increase time and staffing accordingly to reflect this. Are you struggling to keep things together? Do you need more staff but cannot afford to hire a full timer, let alone provide them with their own work station, PC? Then it’s a good idea to look for freelancers to assist you or a Virtual PA.
  • Restructure Your Annual Business Plan – We found a formula that worked for us well in 2016, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we will be enforcing the same tactics this year. We need to evaluate our goals, target audience and sector. It makes it easier now that we have google analytics data to provide us with a guideline on what we need to achieve, but we also need to look into consumer trends in 2017. Can we expect to find our target audiences on the same social media platforms? Is video content the desired way to reach them this year in comparison to blogging? Look into trends, what worked well for you, and build your plan around this.

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