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Case Study
Women on Boards

Founder and CEO of Women on Board, Fiona Hathorn was struggling to respond to all the emails she receives in between running workshops around the UK.  

The chair of the company said to her  “you have to have a PA, if you don’t, you will go under with mental exhaustion.”



Sophie Brown – Head
Christina Reilly – PA
Sara Goff – PA


Diary management
Email / inbox management
Job board admin
Event administration

PA Support

How a Designated PA has made a difference

With more free time, Hathorn feels she has the “strategic headspace” to better lead the business.  Hathorn explains that her Designated PA, Christina is very experienced and has taken away the strain she was under.

“She gets rid of the noise while at the same time having an impact on the success of our business, as she is releasing strategic headspace which allows me to better lead the organisation.” 

Hathorn adds that having someone to help ease the pressure at work may stop top performers leaving corporate life after they have children.

Releasing just 10% of my day, has allowed me to give more to the company.

Long standing relationship

Virtual Assistants, Christina and Sara have proved that remote working doesn’t mean you can’t build long-standing relationships with clients or learn new skills.  Their role has expanded to include video editing, events management and coordinating social media


PAs are matched to clients by experience, skills and personality.   Virtual Assistant, Christina says

“The role felt relevant as I understood the organisation’s mission and why board appointments can support women’s careers and skills development,”


Service Features

Designated and Women on Boards have true partnership where Designated support several areas of the business on a monthly platinum plan. 

Continous support ensure they receive optimum service and allow for long term relationships to be built with their PA team.


Continuous reliable support


True Partnership


Platinum Plan

“My PA has taken away a lot of the strain I was under,” says Hathorn. “She previously worked for high-level chief executives with busy jobs so she is very experienced.” Fiona Hathorn, CEO

Other Recent Works

We are proud to be able to work with such a diverse and inspiring range of clients varying in size and across many industries.

Lizzie Edwards, Stylist

“Having someone I totally trust to be on top of the business admin every day means I can focus on growing the business and looking after my clients.”

Marianne Rance, Consultant

“I have been amazed and thrilled at how well it has worked for me.

I would urge people to use a Designated Personal Assistant, it has made a huge difference to me.”

Sue Bailey, Founder

“Delegating tasks to my PA Hannah has been very successful and taken a huge weight off my shoulders.

It is so nice to feel that you have a professional looking after your daily requirements.”

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