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Case Study 
Marianne Rance

Marianne recognised she needed help but was uncertain of the impact that a Designated PA would have on establishing her optimum work/life balance but now, 6 years later she wouldn’t be without her personal assistant.


Sophie Brown – Head of PA

Camilla Hill – PA
Maxie Sofos – PA


Household Management
Lifestyle Administration
Diary Management

Success Story

Marianne signed up to work with a Designated Personal Assistant on a pay as you go plan to get assistance initially with personal and lifestyle administration.  She quickly realised the value of her PA could bring and explored the breadth of support she was able to take advantage of and further expanded the remit to include supporting her work as a consultant.

Marianne first approached Designated, feeling that she needed some support with mundane tasks both at work and at home.
Her goal was to free up some of her personal time so that she could focus on things that she really enjoyed doing, like her hobbies ­such as taking up tap dancing again after a 30 year break! 

How a Designated PA has helped me

Initially, I engaged Designated PA with a view to helping out on a personal level, this has since developed into an additional work orientated role where DPA have helped research various work items that I have included in presentations, travel & diary management and personal administration.

Results and Future Plans

It has freed up much of my work time, again allowing me to focus and concentrate on larger more pressing work tasks and more importantly those hobbies!

Service Features

Marianne opted for a fully flexible Personal Assistant service on the PAYG plan

A flexible PAYG plan ensures Maraianne has the most cost effective support to match the varying levels of support she required.

When Marianne had a busy time, she was able to dial up more PA support and likewise when she was on holiday or during a quiet time her PA support could be paused or reduced. 

Fully Flexible PAYG PA support is available from £31 per hour.


Fully Flexible

Cost Effective

Ongoing support as required.

“I have been amazed and thrilled at how well it has worked for me.  I would urge people to use a Designated Personal Assistant, it has made a huge difference to me.” Marianne Rance

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