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Case Study
Lizzie Edwards

Lizzie Edwards owns a style and image consultancy, which she started in 2005. She works with successful women over 35, creating authentic effortless and up-to-date wardrobes to support them in reaching their career and personal goals.



Sophie Brown 


Diary management
Email / inbox management
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PA Support

How a Designated PA has made a difference

In the last few years Lizzie has built up a team of 3 senior stylists and Virtual Assistant, Sophie is in touch with the new team more than she is – which demonstrates the level of trust between PA and Client.

My Designated PA, Sophie is essential to the smooth running of my business.

Virtual Assistant, Sophie, is great at looking after my business and the team, making sure they have all the information they need about their clients.


Virtual Assistant, Sophie deals with emails and enquiries from Lizzie Edwards’ website.  When a new client signs up after a phone consultation, Sophie takes over the rest of the process – taking deposits and sending questionnaires, as well as paying bills and sending invoices.

“Having someone I totally trust to be on top of the business admin every day means I can focus on growing the business and looking after my clients.”

Service Features

Designated and Lizzie Edwards have worked together for a number of years and the service plan has changed in line with the level of support required. 

During the quieter months over the summer, Lizzie has been able to dial back support to the PAYG plan and likewise ramp up to Bronze or Silver when the workload has increased. 


PAYG / Bronze & Silver


Flexible support


True Partnership

“Hiring a Virtual Assistant has been important to my businesses growth, as I would not have the time to look after them without her support.” Lizzie Edwards, Founder 

Other Recent Works

We are proud to be able to work with such a diverse and inspiring range of clients varying in size and across many industries.

Fiona Hathorn, CEO

“My PA has taken away a lot of the strain I was under.  She previously worked for high-level chief executives with busy jobs so she is very experienced.”

Marianne Rance, Consultant

“I have been amazed and thrilled at how well it has worked for me.

I would urge people to use a Designated Personal Assistant, it has made a huge difference to me.”

Sue Bailey, Founder

“Delegating tasks to my PA Hannah has been very successful and taken a huge weight off my shoulders.

It is so nice to feel that you have a professional looking after your daily requirements.”

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