Case Study
Hormone Health

Hormone Health – founded by Nick Panay in 2015 – started as a private women’s health clinic located in London’s Harley Street.

Today Hormone Health is made up of a group of specialist consultants offering women’s health services, working from Harley Street and Nottingham with plans to open centres throughout the UK.

Designated were asked to recommend how Social Media could assist Hormone Health in meeting their business objectives.


Anna Doman
Sarah Daley
Emma McDonnell
Fiona Brennan



Social Media
Paid Advertising

creative process

How did we resolve the problem/meet the goals?

Research conducted by the team across social platforms suggested Hormone Health should focus initial efforts on Facebook.

Insight suggested a significant interest in wellness, health and medicine on Facebook.

Step 1

Designated started by creating and setting up a dedicated Hormone Health Facebook page, this is an important aspect for any social media platform.

A complete profile adds legitimacy, shows professionalism and commitment.

Step 2

Once the page had been set up, Designated implemented an inbound strategy to create awareness of the brand and increase qualified web visitors.

Product features

Hormone Health opted for a PAYG marketing plan which allowed them flexibility and hours were tailored to the exact requirements of the marketing strategy.  

The success of this initial piece of work has led to Hormone Health to further commit to a monthly plan to manage their entire markeing function. 






Only pay for dedicated hours



Regular posting of owned content written by Designated’s content writer to reflect key search terms.

Improving relevance & authority helps drive quality traffic to websites.

Build Awareness 

Educational Q&A’s across the Hormone Health team to build credibility of the collective of experts.


Regular promotions of workshops from Hormone Health and partners to satisfy and nurture target market interests.

Paid Advertising

The Social Media activity was further supported by sponsored posts /ads across Facebook and specifically targeted to the Hormone Health demographic.

“Social media marketing can be a minefield. Designated’s structured approach enabled me to feel completely confident in giving them total responsibility for this important part of the Hormone Health marketing plan.”  Steve Beck, Business Manager – Hormone Health

Success story 

The success of this initial Facebook campaign as led Hormone Health to commit further for full marketing management and support.

We have created a trusted and solid relationship and hope to reap many more successes in the future.

The numbers

What did Designated help achieve?


Website visitor Growth


website session growth


Patient Growth

Social Reach

Engaged Followers

social engagement

“Designated have done the hard work of sourcing the marketing experts for Hormone Health. The business has a clear strategy and effective campaigns which have saved the business time and increased our profile with our audience.”   Nick Panay, Founder – Hormone Health

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