Most people recognise that they need key administrative support to reduce the stress of everyday mundane tasks.  However, most will struggle to discern the very subtle differences when recruiting for a position.

Personal Assistant

A PA will help to reduce the amount of time you spend on general administrative tasks such as phone calls, booking appointments and ensuring your day to day activities run smoothly.

Executive Assistants

An EA has specific industry knowledge which allows them to offer crucial support throughout your business, such as project management skills and the ability to create and implement strategic policies and procedures to streamline working practices.


At Designated PA, we offer a unique take on the ‘EA’our team of assistants work across a multitude of industries and can offer insightful, appropriate, and flexible solutions to your business administration.  There is a wealth of support offered in the marketplace but we can ascertain your needs and create a bespoke solution to your administrative problems.


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