A well deserved slap on the back for making the brave decision to go ahead and make those start up dreams a reality! You’re already aware of the time consuming and all encompassing effect this will have on your lifestyle in the future, so let’s take the edge away and make the start up process run as smoothly as possible!

First of all, let’s take a look at a recent Forbes article with a shocking statistic that 90% of all start ups fail. So let’s delve deeper into the remaining 10% and their simple start up steps to ensure our growth and success in the future.

Essential Start Up Steps

  • Research your market – The most crucial step of all. Is there room in the market for your product/service? Demographically, where are your customers based? What will be your target market? For more crucial start up questions, click here.
  • Develop and plan –  Are your goals realistic? What problems are you likely to encounter? Also when it comes to time, make sure you give enough for each task. Giving yourself 3 days to launch a website may seem reasonable but have you thoroughly researched it yet? Would a week be more attainable?
  • Find a mentor – At some point, everyone hits a wall. No matter how many 12 hour days you put in, it’s easy to exhaust yourself with multiple and repetitive tasks. Don’t give up here! Although it maybe 6 months in and you’re still barely driving any traffic, reach out for some assistance. Book keeping, recruitment, how about someone to take away the stress of daily social media posts? Get in touch with one of our  virtual assistants to relieve the mounting pressure.
  • Name, Logo and Website – This is the voice of your brand and not to be taken lightly. With the web design, make sure it’s clear and concise, WordPress offer hundreds of free themes. As for the name, how about using a free business name generator?
  • Protect Your Assets – Ensure that you have the rights to all the trademarks, company name and copyrights. The last thing you want to do is change your company name a year later just as your brand is starting to gain momentum. Just think of some famous brands that have changed over the years and the millions it has taken in advertisements to re-establish themselves. Back rub to Google for one!
  • Funding & Investors – Be realistic here. Can you really afford the excess costs of a start up from your own pocket? Even if you think you can, we never know the problems we may face down the road and its essential to at least have a fall back plan.

Would you like assistance with building your brand? How about if we take the stress away from social media postings, recruitment and book keeping for just a couple of hours a week? Get in touch with our experts at Designated PA today!