As a business owner you’ve burnt the midnight oil, shed the blood, sweat and tears. You’ve hustled, you’re seeing the fruits of your labour but, most notably, you’ve been chief cook and bottle washer, a Jack-of-all-trades… and that’s enough clichés for one blog post.

The point is that all successful entrepreneurs and small business owners eventually reach the same hurdle: that perfect storm whereby you’re no longer able (or willing) to manage every aspect of your growing business, but you don’t yet have the budget for permanent staff, nor the need for full time employees.

The decisions you make at this critical stage will set the course for future success – so, no pressure!

What are your options?

Continue as you were, keep all those plates spinning yourself and risk eventually burning yourself out and falling out of love with your venture.

Hire an entry-level administrative employee, at a low financial outlay. A great solution if you are looking for a blank slate, so to speak, who you can train and develop in your specific field but who will need a large investment of your time and attention to bring up to speed, and patience until their business acumen builds and they can become a true ‘right hand’ to you.

Another solution could be hiring an experienced PA, perhaps part time, at a higher rate of pay. You will no doubt benefit from their experience and skills. You will also be responsible for covering NI, workplace pension, benefits and SSP etc. Many business owners do find their ideal PA in this way and it works brilliantly for them.

In fact, The Designated Group offers a specialist PA recruitment service so if this is the route you would like to explore please do get in touch – we have a great track record for permanent placements!

Moving with the times…

A more recent solution is gaining momentum – that of the VA, or virtual PA. This market is growing rapidly as business owners and entrepreneurs seek more flexible, agile solutions – as do the assistants themselves! There is a myriad of choices out there: individual self-employed VAs, franchisees, agencies and associations. Services on offer range from call answering, virtual receptionists and typing pools to high level, skilled professionals.

The Designated Group sits here. We are a UK business service provider, with an awesome team of remote, flexible PAs and Executive Assistants – all of whom are highly skilled with impressive business experience. Our virtual PAs have demonstrated their calibre and passed our stringent recruitment process. They are then carefully matched with our clients based on their needs and abilities.

Why choose Designated PA?

When you opt to hire a Designated PA not only do you immediately benefit from their business acumen, but you gain exclusive access to the combined knowledge, skills and experience of the whole Designated PA team – a veritable goldmine of contacts, talent and solutions! We have a huge business network and can facilitate professional introductions across many sectors in the UK.

“What’s that you say? You need to find the best vegan Latvian-Brazilian fusion restaurant in the city?”

Rest assured your Designated PA will bring you the solution (disclaimer: there isn’t one!). Do your best – the Designated team can handle the most obscure questions imaginable, and quickly. Stand-alone VAs simply don’t have these resources to hand.

We are also in the position of being able to offer cover for holidays, sickness etc and we can supply additional specialist resource, as and when required. Continuity of service, and perfectly matched personalities, are two things we pride ourselves on. You pay for the time and service you need, nothing more, and we are agile enough to be able to flex as your needs inevitably change.

The Designated Group also has teams of fantastic finance assistants / bookkeepers, magnificent marketing and social media managers and our sister company is Designated Medical, an A-team of professional medical secretaries and practice managers.

The long and the short of the matter: we are perfectly placed and resourced to take the journey alongside you, flexing and supporting you as your needs change. We offer the best of both worlds and a long-term solution: the level of skill and experience you need in an assistant, in a flexible package that suits your individual needs, at an affordable price. We think it’s a no-brainer.

So, if you’ve reached the critical point in your business and need to share the workload, don’t make a decision until you’ve spoken to us! In the unlikely event that we can’t help you we can certainly point you in the right direction. And don’t just take our word for it… our client testimonials and blogs speak volumes!