“A founder’s individual characteristics are important but what’s more important is that person’s ability to bring a bigger and more experienced team with them,”

When I think of a Startup, I tend to think of driven, inspiring and creative individuals. The ability to think outside the box, revamp old processes and pave the way for brand growth at an accelerated rate.

On the downside, it also brings to mind a clash in personalities, or too many individuals striving to  claim a leadership role, when the emphasis on the task is teamwork.

But how do you manage so many talented and creative individuals and encourage a strong team dynamic?



Let’s take a look at 7 simple methods to get your team back under control.


Using mediation, listen in turn to each team members opinion on the task set, then incorporate the best ideas into resolving the issue.

Look Back

Ask the team to look back at when things first started to go wrong and review the process. Make changes where necessary, and don’t be afraid to try things in a different way to achieve enhanced results.


As a last resort, pull away members of the team that are halting productivity and are clashing with other team members.

Start Over

What may have been conceived as your dream team, may just not work harmoniously together once tested out. However productive it appeared on paper. Start again.

Signed Off

Make sure each member signs off the tasks they have to complete. If the team cannot resolve the task set, you can then review and pull out the team member that is blocking the process.


Bring in a well-respected, knowledgeable mentor to guide the team through the task, and to motivate each individual team member.

Move Forward

Once the task is completed, review how they all pulled together, add give praise for a job well done. Move them onto the next goal, but do not let them slip back to where they were.

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