Did you know that home workers make up nearly 14% of UK workforce?

That’s over 14 million that have abandoned the workplace, the highest recorded figure to date.  At least 35% of home workers are professionals or associate professionals, and this trend is growing every year.

Whether it be a more balanced life style, skipping the torturous 5 AM commute, 2 hours crammed in a stiflingly hot carriage, the delays and strikes, the extortionate annual transport fees or the ability to save on childcare costs, the benefits are endless.

So here are my top 6 secrets of a remote team, based on a successful 7 figure business. ALL from the comfort of their own homes!

The Top 5 Secrets Of Highly Successful Remote Teams

  • Daily Communication on chat like Zopim of Whatsapp. A simple and direct way to find out the teams priorities for that day and any changes that have been made to accounts. Has a client now changed his package to include social media? A group chat is a lot more productive that an endless chain of forwarded emails. It also allows us to nurture our working relationships.
  • Financial Reports This kind of transparency shows that the company’s success all depends on the work and ownership of each team member, no matter where they are located. It brings us all together and makes us strive to hit our monthly targets.
  • Monday Morning Updates How’s our social media channels doing compared to last week? More Twitter followers? What were our successes and what do we need to learn?  More importantly, highlight all the ways different team members have demonstrated core values. Whether a team member is located in London or Los Angeles, this team camaraderie brings us together and reminds us we are part of a highly successful business.
  • Team Meet ups – If possible, once every 4 months we meet up as a team. Its a great way brainstorm and bring in new ideas. How could we be more productive? Do you think we should start incentives? Its also comforting to meet the colleague that has been assisting you on a complexed project and to connect. Supporting each other should be a joy, not a burden.
  •  Learning Day – Devoting one day a month to learning encourages us to step out of our comfort zones and acquire new skills. What are we interested in? Whether it be accounting, marketing skills, or event planning, we partner up with a team member who specializes in one of these subjects and then arrange a video call.  Its important to understand and appreciate each persons role is vital to the success of the team.

    Hubstaff offers more valuable tips on how to manage remote teams effectively in their blogs.  For example how to use different communication methods strategically and how to motivate a remote team through recognition and opportunities.

    To learn more about Designated’s remote teams and how they can benefit your business, why not visit our website to see how we can help you to achieve YOUR goals?