Congratulations! You’ve been in business for nearly 2 years now and its growing rapidly. So rapidly in fact, the same time you should be slapping yourself on the back is the same time the panic starts to hit you in waves.

‘How on earth am I meant to manage ALL this on my own?’

Nearly all successful entrepreneurs have a strategy/ marketing plan. Its vital to ensure the growth of your business. But its surprising how often business owners are more reluctant to plan a budget for staffing. Until it’s too late.

Now you’re buried from the weight of multitude, time consuming, frustrating tasks which could include; social media, book keeping, placing orders, networking, building relationships with partners, updating your website, Linkedin connections, the list is ENDLESS! And with only YOU to manage it all.

So here are your options.

  • You decide not to grow your business beyond your own scope ( seriously? )
  • You hire a PA for a couple of hours a day/week to assist you

I honestly believe if you got this far, through sheer determination, grit and an unwavering amount of patience, then stopping before the finishing line is madness. Instead, take the 30 minutes you have left in your week to look into organising some staffing. Pay by the hour rather than a 9-5. This is perfect for start ups that can not yet guarantee a steady work flow and also don’t like the idea of a PA sitting by idley.

Delegate the following

  • Bookkeeping/ Invoices
  • Creating your newsletters
  • Managing your Linkedin account/ updating your CV
  • Running all social media platforms and engaging with your customers
  • Recruitment for you larger staffing needs
  • Event planning
  • Proof reading content and articles

Are you ready to take the next steps and push full throttle ahead! Get in touch and let’s see how we can work together to realize your goals, and let us give you your day back!