Just started your job search? Searching for a job can feel completely overwhelming, there are so many jobsites, social media platforms and forums to head to that it can feel a little like navigating a mine field.

I have put together some tips for finding and securing the job you want, not the one you’re told to take!

Where to start

  • Social media profiles: Ensure you create a Linkedin profile that is in line with your current CV, a discrepancy between the two may put potential employers of. Make your FB and Twitter profiles private, at the very least clean these up so they will represent you in a positive manner.
  • Linkedin: Applying directly for roles on Linkedin is a superb and direct way of reaching potential employers. It gives a chance to see who the employer is, make sure you are a good fit, see the company size and where they are based, all of these things can be deal breakers so this gives you a fantastic insight. Make sure your profile is strong, if possible ask for colleges to endorse your current listed skill set and finally include your CV
  • Recruitment companies: Once you find a role that interest you it can be that the recruiter for that position won’t be right for you, that’s right, you can decide who you want to represent you and who will find the role suited to you. A lot of candidates can waste time signing up with recruitment companies who either, do not work with the right client and therefor do not have the roles suited to you or ones that have no intention of putting you forward for any roles because you simply do not have enough experience or meet any of the briefs. Search for recruiters who specialise in your area of expertise or in the new career field you are looking to move into.
  • Websites: Reed, Monster, Secsinthecity and Indeed have the best response rate. If you find a role that interests you, call the recruiter the next day to make sure they have received your application. 9 times out of 10 the recruiter will need you to register before putting you forward for the role, just make sure they have other roles that could be of potential interest to you before you go along.


Things to remember

  • Salary expectations: Be realistic with this, speak with recruiters and look at the salary bracket of roles that fit your experience and find out where you would sit.
  • Interviews: You can never do enough research on a company prior to an interview, go onto their website, look at work they have done, what is their company ethos, size, and message? All of these things will prove you know who they are what they do and that you want to be a part of it.

Make notes of the above and take these with you, tell your new potential employer something that will inspire or impress them ie ‘I saw you did the PR campaign/event for X company and I was really impressed with the results you generated as a result’ or ‘I love your company message it really resonated with me.

Finally ensure you have a couple of questions to ask at the end of the interview a question ie ‘what do you enjoy most about working for X company’ this creates a rapport between you and the interviewer and they will open up as result.

  • Be proactive: Follow the companies that inspire or interest you on social media, keep up to date with what’s new and any job opportunities they might be recruiting for. You may already know someone who works there, your connections may be your route in. Think about setting up google alerts for the role spec you are interest in, this is a fast and effective way of keeping on the pulse of current opportunities, chances are if it’s a good role it’s not going to sit around long!