Have a lovely holiday………?

Whether you’re an office manager, or a business owner, balancing the necessity of your administrative teams holiday schedule with your business and client needs can be challenging. All holiday periods create a flood of requests for time off which need to be approved whilst ensuring that deadlines are not compromised and your business continue to run; ensuring all calls are answered and queries are dealt with efficiently and effectively and emails and invoices are sent. The show must go on!

Quick fix….

Most business will fall back on previous used methods and solutions to cover this administrative void including asking other team members to ‘pick up the slack’ but this can lead to priority conflicts and building pressure as workloads increase, coupled with a potential backlog when the team member returns to work post holiday absence. Many businesses will also employ temporary staff, but the time taken to vet and train someone for a short-term temporary role t is seldom worth the time, money and effort.

Don’t panic…..!

Here at Designated PA, we believe we can offer your business a streamlined, bespoke, cost-effective service; our team of high skilled and experienced secretaries are available all year round to cover holidays. We will familiarise ourselves with your business in order to support you and cover holiday absences seamlessly.

Your calls can simply be diverted to us and we can access your cloud based business management systems so that your business can still run. We’ll fill the gaps in your admin support team to keep you on track and you can consider us as part of your extended team, one you can call upon at busy times as well as during holiday periods.

The beauty of our service is that you only pay for the time you use. You can see our pricing packages here https://designatedpa.com/pricing/.

More information

If you want to take the hard work out of holiday cover contact Hilary on 0207 952 1460 or email info@designatedpa.com


Jane BraithwaiteAuthor – Jane Braithwaite – Founder and Managing Director at Designated PA