Simply the most cost-effective way to staff your small business, with a high levels of experience and pay per hour rates, online PA’s are rapidly growing in numbers AND skill sets. For the first time in the UK, qualified mothers raising children are more likely to find jobs over women without young families. So why is this a growing trend in the UK and what are the benefits?


  •  No hiring of space or buying expensive PCs and other office equipment.
  • Having to constantly ensure you are getting your 8 hours worth out of a full timer and trying to keep them busy.
  • It’s a known fact that most employees are more productive over a 4 hour period than over an 8 hour one.
  • Just because they are available doesn’t mean they are always competent.
  • Your budget does not allow you to hire more than one full timer but you need 2 members of staff to carry out different tasks.
  • NO annual salaries, PAs can work on a pay by the hour basis.


One of the most common queries I hear is, how do I know they have a good level of expertise? Can’t anyone sign up as a PA? This is why it’s so important to find a good agency. One that has experience working for global brands and a great overall skill set with plenty of testimonials.

Take Designated PA for example, an award-winning London-based company. Our staffs past experience includes working with global & luxury brands, highly qualified legal assistants with experience working for major law firms based in Canary Wharf, or business development managers working with large corporate firms such as British Standards and B.T.  Add bi-lingual assistants to the mix and you get an idea of the wealth of experience.


Another commonly asked questions is – Why have they given up full-time careers in London and picked part-time hours instead? This completely varies. Some of our staff are full-time parents whom have carried their extensive skill sets over to a home environment. Others like myself, prefer to save on long and expensive commutes to central London and the quietness of working alone which I find is far more productive over 8 hours working in a bustling office. As one PA has quoted;

“I used to work 14- or 15-hour days and that’s not sustainable with a family. But my work as a virtual assistant can be fitted around my daughter and my commitment to her.”


So how can we assist you?

Take a look at your surroundings and your weekly plan ahead. Do you feel;

  • Overwhelmed with your workload?
  • Need help sorting through that mass of administrative pile?
  • More production and less stress?
  • Pay per hour staffing over a full timer, with no worry about how to keep them busy?
  • No recruiting, hiring and training of your staff as they are already highly qualified?

Contact us today for a quick chat and help us find a resolution for you.