Sometimes, motivation can wane and it can be hard to find the impetus to get things done. Whether it’s that Monday morning feeling, or you mentally check-out at lunch time on Friday, you may find you need a little help getting your head down and improving productivity.

Perhaps you are the complete opposite; no matter what day of the week, you are beavering away, yet 6.30pm rolls around, you are alone in the office and your to-do list isn’t any shorter. Either way, we have some top tips to improve your productivity that will help!

6 Top Tips for Improving productivity

1 – Close your Email

I’m prioritising this, because it is something I swear by. If you’re anything like me, as soon as you see an email notification, you read it and reply, dropping all you were doing beforehand. This is highly inefficient; when you need to return to the original task you are highly likely to get another email in the interim, before you can do anything about the first. Closing your email, while you complete critical actions – will become an incredibly powerful habit. Make sure you open emails in between actions to review anything urgent that may have dropped into your in tray.

2 – Ditch the 9 to 5

You know yourself and your work rhythm. You understand when your brain is at its best. If you are an early bird, up and raring to go at 5am, and you start flagging in the afternoon – then work to that schedule. If your best work is done while the rest of the household is tucked up in bed, evidently that’s the best time to down to unfinished tasks. A good tip is to complete the most mentally challenging tasks when you are at your freshest, whenever that might be.

3 – Take time out

Take 5 minutes to re-boot your brain. A typical person has an attention span of 45 minutes, depending on the time of day. So, at least once an hour, leave your computer, have a drink and focus your eyes on something other than a screen. Those few minutes away from your desk will help boost concentration and avoid distraction or waning attention.

4 – Make a list

Make sure that you write everything down. 30 minutes spent writing a to-do list could save you hours of wasted time later in the day. It will also provide a useful overview of what you need to do, enabling you to assign time limits to various tasks. No more procrastinating and wasting two hours on something that could be done within half the time. You set self-imposed deadlines and your list will ensure accountability.

5 – Don’t multi-task

Much recent research has shown that multi-tasking is ineffective. It will take you longer to complete tasks if you try to do several at once – and the work will not be to the same standard. Focus on one thing at a time.

6 – The ‘two-minute rule’

This one is simple. If you have a task that can be completed within two minutes or less – do it straight away. It will actually take more time to note the action and come back to it later! So, if you something that will be a quick win, knock it out quickly and move on.

Bonus tip – delegate! If you want us to help you improve your productivity by outsourcing business tasks to a PA, bookkeeper or digital marketing expert , speak to Hilary on 0207 952 1460 or email