Linkedin is a vital tool for sourcing potential candidates and evaluating who we wish to work with. It has the ability to connect us with 400 million professionals worldwide and substantially increase our job prospects.

Small businesses and startups use Linkedin to forge lasting connections, to target potential clients. This is why it’s essential to invest a few hours of your time to craft the perfect profile.

If done incorrectly, Linkedin can disconnect you from potential clients and ruin your professional online presence.

So how do we know which mistakes to avoid?

Below are 4 of the most commonly made mistakes made on Linkedin.

Connecting To Everyone

I admit it, I have at times over connected and sent out mass invites in my earlier Linkedin days much to my shame! As it would be for content, quality over quantity is the rule to abide by. Ask yourself these 3 simple questions.

  • Do I want to work for this company in the future?
  • Do they have any relation to my industry?
  • If not, what will be the benefit? Do I know them?

Just as you should avoid connecting with too many professionals, it also works vice versa. Don’t accept every invite you receive if it looks like the sole purpose is just to gain as many connections as possible. It will just discredit your professional profile as a whole.

Profile Stalking

It may be tempting to see where your last employee works now, or to hunt down that HR manager, but remember, they can see you have viewed their profile. And who wants to look desperate?

  • Take a screenshot of the page instead to avoid coming back to it again.
  • Change your setting so others cannot see you have viewed them here. 

Minimal Interaction 

Of course, when applying for a job, you can just forward your resume through Linkedin, with a few hundred other applicants. But what if there was a better way to connect prior to sending your resume to make you stand out? Take a look at a few of our tips to increase your chances.

  • Does the company have a Linkedin group? Join it and comment on their posts. Always try to turn any post into a resolution for the company, hence demonstrating what you can bring to the role.
  • Find the company and the HR manager on Twitter. Follow them and comment on their tweets, engage and build up a connection. After a few days, apply for the position with a subtle mention you have just looked at their roles and applied. What a fantastic company to work for!
  • Will the company be attending any local business events? Sign up to attend. Any CEO will admire the enthusiasm of a potential candidate for this position and their interest in the company as a whole.

Selling to a newly founded connection

Do you have any idea how many times your target has already been approached and pitched too from others in your industry? Pick a number and times it by 10, I can almost guarantee your approach will be ignored or deleted. Try this instead.

  • Build up a rapport
  • Share blog posts or comment on the targets statuses
  •  Just by making a comment on a status, it is highly likely the professional will review your profile. without you having to send through any pitch at all!

A time-consuming, tedious process?

Then why not hand it over to the specialists? Designated PA have helped to craft numerous clients Linkedin resumes and work on all sectors from legal to medical. Drop us a line today and let’s help you to apply for your dream position, engage with that potential client and work that pitch!