Maximise your potential – Why and what should I delegate?

One of the primary blockers that prevents entrepreneurs and business owners moving forward with growing their businesses is that they are multi-tasking to a huge degree, taking a “Jack of all trades” approach, which means that they are ultimately spread to thinly. They can be such an integral part of their business that they themselves ultimately become their business and brand.

“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.”  Joseph Addison (poet, playwright and politician)

If you are at a stage where you want to upscale your business, it makes sense to look to leverage your time rather than constantly switching your own focus and perhaps burning out at the same time.

One reason that some entrepreneurs can be slow to get started with outsourcing elements of their work is because they simply don’t know which tasks they would delegate.

You can buy you more headspace and time in your working day, alleviate stress and allow you to focus on growing your business rather than unnecessarily being caught up with keeping all business functions ticking along.

Outsourcing to experts in their field is cost-effective as there are no recruitment costs, office overheads or employment costs.  You only pay for service you need and experts can start delivering results quickly and efficiently without the risk of employing someone directly.

If the above reasoning resonates with you your first question will be “What can I delegate?”

The below list is by no means exhaustive but highlights some of the most popular tasks that can be outsourced:

1.Diary Management 

With full access to your calendar, a Personal Virtual Assistant can book meetings, speaking engagements and lifestyle appointments directly into your diary.

2.Managing email

Your Personal Virtual Assistant can manage your email correspondence.  Filtering out the noise and making sure the important messages get to you.   Allowing you to concentrate on your priorities. You can provide your PA with their own company email address for your organisation so that external contacts see them as being a part of your organisation.


Delegate your travel arrangements, including accommodation, flights and full itinerary for both your personal and business travel requirements.

4.Expense tracking

Let your PA compile your expense claims and organise your receipts. It’s very easy to share images of your receipts and invoices via Whatsapp or Dropbox. Alternatively use an expense app such as Receipt Bank.  If you need more complex finance and accounts administration using a cloud based accountancy system – an experienced and AML compliant Finance Manager is better placed to help you.

5. Event management

A PA can help to source venues, suppliers and be the first point of contact for liaising and managing all the administration for both personal and business events.  A Marketing Manager can offer expertise in marketing your event via your network and via social media channels.

6. Property Management

Whether it be managing your office, a second home or a holiday property a PA can manage all aspects for you. Perhaps you need help with

7.Lifestyle Management

A personal PA can take care of your personal and household affairs, freeing up precious time in your busy life schedule.

8. Marketing

Need a marketing strategy for your business? The outsource to an expert to work with you to define the strategy and then implement to further grow and develop your business.

9. Research

Research can be a drain on your time.  Get help with research whether this be for a meeting, presentation or a new idea.

10. Business Administration

Delegate back office functions from day to day processes, ad hoc tasks and administration;

designated PA

  • Organise files using sharing sites like Dropbox and Google Drive.  They are very easy to share documents that can be accessed by all in the cloud.
  • Collate all of your contacts into one central CRM for you such as Zoho or Microsoft Dynamics.  These can be linked with some email accounts, such as Gmail or Outlook.  This ensures an up to date central log of all contacts and emails.
  • Respond to customer / client enquiries
  • Website updates – avoid heavy costs involved with web management and have a marketing manager or PA update information and content to your website.
  • And so much more! – tap into experts to suit your needs.

If you run a business and have too much work on your plate, please get in touch.

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