One of the biggest problems that business entrepreneurs face these days is that they are wearing ‘all the hats’; from admin to travel booking to invoicing to diary management, they do it ALL.  The ‘work hard, work long hours, never have a weekend off’ culture is openly encouraged and the integration of technology into business has made it almost impossible to switch off – we are no longer confined to only being contacted in the office, during core hours.

Work fewer hours, be more productive

Building a successful empire or career is all well and good but statistically you’re more productive working fewer, more focused hours and making those ‘count’.   Productivity experts calculated that the ground-breaking Apple Mac could have been enjoyed a year earlier if the developers had worked shorter hours rather than the 90 hours a week that they claimed to.  Economists in the 1930’s predicted that by 2030 we would only be working a 15hr week AND the main issues faced would be ‘what should we do with our leisure time?’.  Statistics and research are all relevant but how do we actually reduce the amount of hours we work? *

You could seek advice from life coaches and business guru’s, who will tell you that boundaries should be put in place to secure work/life balance. While I’m a huge fan of ‘non-negotiable’ boundaries and find them incredibly effective, it really can be much simpler than that to reduce hours with a little thought and guidance on what you can outsource and to whom, which will allow you to focus on the core of business, be that selling or development.

The easiest jobs to outsource are the more general jobs within your business – the repetitive jobs, the cumbersome jobs.  In the virtual world we live and work in there is nothing that can’t be outsourced and achieved with the same timely and accurate approach that you would expect from an ‘onsite’ person.

 The solution: Easy tasks that can be outsourced to a PA:

  • Email Management/Filtering
  • Setting up AutoResponders ie; AWeber, MailChimp etc
  • Diary Management
  • Following up with clients and customers including sending ‘Thank You’s’ and other email reminders
  • Capturing telephone calls and responding accordingly
  • File & Folder Management
  • Database building – CRM, email & contact lists
  • Research
  • Personal errands
  • Travel Booking
  • Reports – generating weekly reports for tasks, deliverables and sales
  • Presentation preparation
  • Team liaison
  • Social Media
  • Blog
  • Basic Marketing

Most PA’s will be well equipped to deal with any and all of the above tasks, and while you may have a ‘certain way of doing things’ they will be able to jump into your shoes and take the burden from you.

It can be difficult to ‘let go’ of certain parts of your business but ultimately will be worth it if you manage to take that ever illusive holiday or hobby that you never have time for!

Watch out for my next blog – Working in partnership with your PA – to find out how to get the best out of your PA.

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