Having an all expenses paid business trip to another country is always a buzz for the new executive. However, delays, exhaustion, hours on a congested train for a conference that will only last a morning at best and issues claiming back your expenses tended to make me groan when I was reminded of my looming business trip. Let’s not forget THAT hotel with the INCREDIBLE gym and pool which alas, you will never get to use thanks to your jam-packed schedule.

So is there a SIMPLER way to travel? To glide through airport security, to secure a seat on that congested train? How about flight times that allow a 7 AM wake up call rather than 4 AM? Lets delve deeper into a few simple travel hacks.

Purchase 2 One Way Tickets Rather Than A Return

The internet is inundated with comments on travel sites like Skyskanner and Tripadvisor enquiring as to why it saved the customer HUNDREDS of pounds by booking 2 singular tickets rather than a return!

Perfect Your Packing

I try to squeeze everything I have into a carry on, avoiding the mile long queue to check in a larger suitcase. How? I roll my clothes up to avoid ironing, then vacuum pack them so I can fit in as much as possible. No last minute manic, sleep deprived ironing for me!

Zip Lock Bags

Who wants to be faffing around with a tangle of phone chargers in the morning and rushing around the house like a mad woman hunting for your adaptor? Try using Zip Lock bags to separate all your necessities, one for cables, another for medication, another for toiletries. I’m sure we’ve all had the incident of the exploding toothpaste on arrival!

Decorate Your Suitcase

Rather an odd one but has your generic suitcase repeatedly passed you by on the baggage carousel as you gaze at it obliviously? I’m also tired of glaring suspiciously at other passengers reaching for my luggage when oh wait! It’s theirs. So just a bright tag with UPDATED details on it will suffice.

 Check The Weather Forecast

A business trip to Hong Kong? How exciting! Until you embark to torrential downpours that will last the ENTIRETY of your trip. And other than your business suits, you only packed 4 pairs of shorts. What’s this mention of hiking in the muddy hills this weekend and you have no hiking boots, just sandals? CHECK the weather reports using a trusted source such as Accuweather and ENQUIRE if there are any team building activities and what you will need to bring.

Do you have a business trip coming up at short notice but you’re far too busy cementing the paperwork to worry about packing, visas, chargers and the weather? Why not let one of our award-winning PA’s plan your trip to perfection? Get in touch today!