This week Designated are featured in the latest blog post from Caspia Consultancy.  Pam Vick, Founder and Managing Director of Caspia Consultancy, a business development and digital marketing agency has transformed her life and accelerated her business by using a Virtual Assistant PA.

Pam has seen how a virtual PA can help assist her in ensuring that her own personal tasks are not left at the bottom of the pile whilst also managing a successful business.  Her Virtual Assistant has completed tasks that were just not getting done.. at the end of the day we cant do it all. So delegate to a Virtual Assistant to achieve more.

Read the full story; How a Virtual Assistant PA Can Change Your Life and Transform Your SME Business here.

If you too think you might benefit from some extra help and assistance please get in touch and speak to us about how we might be able to help.  We have a strong team of Virtual Assistants skilled in many different industries and sectors and they are ready and available to support you.

We have helped clients in the creative sector, finance, property, technology, data, fashion… the list goes on.  Our team has skills which are 100% transferrable and adaptable to suit your needs.

Choose from a PAYG plan and upgrade anytime to a plan that suits your needs and your budget.

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