Designated’s very own Christina Reilly is featured in a Women on Boards article, highlighting how a virtual personal assistant can help you take control of your life.

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Christina Reilly is a virtual assistant working with Fiona Hathorn, Women on Board’s founder and MD.  Women on Boards outline the benefits of a virtual assistant, to Christina and to their organisation.

Designated’s MD Jane Braithwaite explains how the majority of clients are women.

Braithwaite explains: “They are looking to balance work and family. But we also have people who want the flexibility: they don’t want to commute anymore, or they want to fit in their hobbies alongside work. Each individual has their own objective and work needs to fit into that.”

They want the expertise but they don’t want to employ people,” explains Braithwaite, “so we match them with skilled freelance virtual assistants but at a fraction of the cost.”

Fiona Hathorn explains how Christina has helped her take control.  She explains that Christina is very experienced and has taken away the strain she was under.

“She gets rid of the noise while at the same time having an impact on the success of our business, as she is releasing strategic headspace which allows me to better lead the organisation.”

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