As part of Designated PA’s ongoing commitment to client satisfaction we have entered into a partnership with Flight Centre to help book and advise on all matters travel related;

Who & What?

As part of our unique partnership Flight Centre can offer 24 hrs support and your Designated PA can turnaround requests within 2 hours during business hours. 

Why use Designated PA & Flight Centre and not the internet?

  • We can offer flight prices which aren’t available on the internet!
  • We will have the ability to HOLD flights for 24hrs prior to confirming.
  • While sites like etc can offer competitive rates on hotel bookings, we can often match or offer a more competitive corporate rate, cutting out the need to trawl though sites.

 For more details please get in touch with your Designated PA.

Don’t have a Designated PA, but travel regularly? – then sign up today or speak to Hilary for more details – 020 7952 1460