Christina Reilly talks about VA Mindset in part 3 of our series “Leaping from PA to VA”. 

One of the principal elements that a successful Virtual Assistant can credit to their career success is their mindset. 

Challenge your VA mindset

Sometimes, fear, negativity or lack of confidence can prevent or make it difficult for us to achieve our biggest goals. However, challenging your mindset could be the greatest catalyst for your career development.  

It was just over 4 years ago that I joined the virtual PA community after spotting an advert to work with Designated as a part time virtual PA. The lure was being able to further my career in the same field on a part time, flexible, basis and develop my skills all whilst balancing family life.

“I am delighted to still be successfully working with my original client as well as working with new ones. Helping them to thrive whilst furthering my own personal development.”

VA Mindset

If you have or are considering making the leap from PA to VA I have outlined a few mindset tips below that I have found to make for happy and harmonious client relationships and whilst it is good to flex your working style dependent on your clients needs and personality

I have found that the tips below are helpful across the board, when working remotely. 



  • Communicate effectively regularly.  Don’t be afraid of over communication.  In the early days the client will be keen to gauge the benefit of their extra support. You will be keen to fulfil your role to its full potential.  Keep the lines of communication open.
  • Positive Communication.  As you are not physically present in their office, some of the tasks that you fulfil will be relatively unseen in the eyes of the client so therefore positive communication is important to ensure you receive the appropriate credit and recognition.
  • Listening.   Vital to listen as this greatly helps you to fully appreciate, understand and communicate back the needs of your client. 


Be open to development opportunities, both personal and professional.

  • Always be open to learning new skills. Successful VA’s constantly strive to further knowledge and have an inner desire to continually improve. Being open to development means you are better placed to add further value to your client and potentially solve their tasks more efficiently.
  • Never downplay your skills or fail to mention them as sometimes it can be the most obscure skill that ends up being of greatest help to them or helps you to attract a new client.  

Flexing Prioritisation

The onus is on you to skilfully navigate what tasks are most important to the company you are working for, whether it be changing your focus to look at what tasks generate income or greater exposure for the client that you work for or a way to reorganise how they work. 


This is a term sometimes used to reference grouping tasks together where possible rather than multitasking. Compartmentalising your day as a VA can have a greater impact on how well utilised it is. Rather than being led by the order in which requests come into your mailbox, save up different categories of work where possible and complete all in one go such as;

  • twitter
  • logging contacts
  • responding to emails

In turn this is likely to be the most cost-effective solution for the client. Given that it’s mainly SMEs that sign up for Virtual PA services they will be particularly keen to check they are receiving value for money. 

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