Hiring your own Virtual Personal Assistant can completely change the shape of your business in a lot of ways.  I know it has mine.

A virtual assistant can help you become more effective, more efficient, and help you grow your business exponentially.  They can also help you get your life back!

I felt like I had big ideas for my business, but no time to actually implement them. I was running a household of three children, my husband and a dog, working 12 to 14 hour days just to keep up with everything.  Sleep was something I could barely remember.

A lot of work goes into hiring the right virtual personal assistant; making sure they’re the right fit for you and your company, figuring out what types of tasks you’ll have them support you with, right through to training and getting them on board.  When you find ‘The One’, be ready to go at it full steam!  It’s important to the spend time finessing their job description, reviewing their work style and evaluating how best you can work together.

There is a long list of tasks that my virtual personal assistant now helps me with; starting with all those little things you do to try to keep control over your business, when all you’re really doing is letting your business control you.

Once you are working with your assistant, the fun really begins.  Gone are the sleepless nights, worrying about the tasks that I’ve forgotten that day.  Now, I can rest safe in the knowledge that I can ping my assistant an email and, “hey presto” it’s taken care of.  I no longer have to panic about those ‘back to school’ months, or organising my husband’s 50th birthday, because I have the support I need, freeing up precious time to enable me to drive my business forward.

Getting a new virtual assistant on board, deciding which tasks to delegate, and going through the training process takes time and patience.  Keep in mind that time invested now is going to save you tenfold in the long run.

The beauty of this relationship is having complete trust in my virtual assistant, and knowing that she has my never-ending task list under control.