Why a Virtual PA is a perfect solution for small businesses

When I speak to small business owners and explain what I do as a Virtual PA, I tend to spot a little glint in their eye that reads: “I need that too! I want to hire a Virtual PA! Please help me!”

An endless to-do list seems to be a common theme for small business owners. They feel tied to their business 24/7 and are juggling so many balls that they struggle to remember what should be their priority – so the business starts to suffer.

But cash flow is also an issue – and small businesses often aren’t ready to commit to permanent admin support, with all the additional costs and time that involves.

A Virtual PA fits this space perfectly

If your day looks at bit like this, it’s time to hire a Virtual PA

  • Spending more time on admin than building the business
  • Wishing for an extra pair of hands to just deal with “The Stuff”
  • Your inbox is a scary screen of unread emails
  • Social media finds itself at the bottom of your to-do list (again)
  • You miss an appointment because it wasn’t scheduled in your diary.

To make any small business a success, there should be 100% focus on its development. A good Virtual PA will take on a wide range of admin tasks, giving you back those essential hours to focus on your business – in a very cost-effective way.

At Designated PA you can choose the “Pay as You Go” package and just pay for the hours your PA works. Or if you know how many hours you need, there are lots of different options to suit.

Advances in technology mean that you can delegate critical parts of your business to a Virtual PA working remotely. I have two clients that I’ve never met, but we’re constantly in touch by text, Skype and email. It is important to have a good working rapport, so at Designated PA we prioritise matching a personal assistant with a client based on both their experience and personality.

These are just a few of the things that a good Virtual Assistant can help you with:

  • Email Management
  • Diary and Calendar organisation
  • Travel arrangements
  • Social Media Management
  • Invoicing
  • Research
  • Database Management

Making virtual support a success

To make the most of your Virtual PA, it’s important to give them training on your business and future objectives. While our PAs are always happy to hit the ground running, building in a period of learning will just increase their value to your business.

Communication is also key to a PA/client relationship, and particularly during the early stages, helping to build trust, understanding, and familiarity with preferred ways of working.

So if you have a growing to-do list of admin tasks that are hindering your business development, there is a solution out there that won’t cost you a fortune.

Get in touch with Designated PA on 0207 952 1460 or via our website to hire a Virtual PA from our professional team and turn that glint in your eye into a sparkle.