How to get it right from the start

So you’ve made the decision to hire a PA (Personal Assistant).  You’ve compared CV’s, checked out references, budgets and security.  You are confident also your choice will be a good match for your business, but what next?

That first introductory meeting or call shouldn’t necessarily be just a series of questions but more of a two-way discussion in which both parties can gather the necessary information to establish a working relationship.  At Designated PA we have many clients, across many industries.  And while there are subtle (and some not so subtle) differences between administrative roles, they are all underpinned by some very basic commonality’s.Hire a PA

Therefore how can both parties share their qualities while gathering the necessary information on each other?

My trusty Designated PA colleague, Camilla, suggested using a structured agenda-type list for this important introduction and she sent me her checklist…..

  1. Communication

    • What are the preferred forms of communication? Email, phone, text, messaging app etc
    • List of contacts including phone numbers & email address. Website admin, bookkeeper
    • How should you contact clients? Will you have your own ‘company’ email address or will you use your own?
  2. Mac or PC user

  3. Key Tasks/Priorities

    • What are the immediate priorities?
    • What are the ‘slower burners’ that have a longer deadline?
  4. Calendar/Diary

    • Set up sharing
    • What do the next two weeks look like?
    • Longer term appointments and travel requirements?
    • Regular appointments and their flexibility
    • Planned holiday dates
  5. Key Clients

    • Who are they
    • Where can their contact details, along with relevant PA details be found?
    • Any challenges that need to be discussed?
  6. File Sharing

    • Dropbox or other platform and necessary access
    • Any specific docs that need to be discussed?
    • Security
  7. Working Pattern

    • Lay out availability, including days & hours worked (by both parties)

Furthermore, Camilla even went as far to suggest that this agenda could be shared before the call to give clear guidelines and structure to the introduction.

To conclude, this is all common sense but having it written down really will help to kick start productivity between you and your PA and get you off on the right foot.

Hire a PA

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Jane Braithwaite

Author – Jane Braithwaite – Founder & Managing Director of Designated PA and Designated Medical