Are you completely bogged down under a mass of paperwork and an overflowing inbox? Exhausted from daily, repetitive tasks whilst trying to keep up with a demanding schedule?

You SHOULD be focusing on what you do best. Developing new business opportunities, connections and brand promotion. But when does a start up EVER give you the time?

For just 2 hours a day, a virtual assistant can transform and kick-start your working day.

     6 Undeniable Benefits Of Using A Virtual Assistant

  • Social Media – Who has time to create 4 highly engaging tweets a day? And what IS a hashtag anyway? As for influencers, where to start? A VA can take charge of your social media accounts and target the TOP influencers in your market. Resulting in a highly engaged audience and much needed brand awareness.
  • Newsletter Campaigns – Using a newsletter to entice potential new customers/subscribers is a vital part of your growth. But with all market research needed to stay on top of trending topics, and back links to your products, its something most C.E.O’s dread! Let a VA  specialising in marketing take it off your hands!
  • Bills & Payments – The building blocks of your business. A late payment can be disastrous in the developing stages of your partnerships. Make sure you don’t miss another one and pass it onto a VA who specialises in book keeping.
  • Recruitment – Virtual assistants can also be recruitment specialists. This can work out as a highly cost effective way to recruit much needed staff rather than signing up to a well known high street brand with extortionate commissions.
  • Meetings & Events – Remove the chaos out of your conferences and ensure they run smoothly by hiring an events VA. This allows you to sit back and calmly connect with other business decision makers whilst we fill up their glasses!
  • Holidays & Travel – Coming from a background in travel, I’m all too aware of the long, stressful hours I have spent searching for the best possible flight deals. And that’s just the first part! What about transport from the airport? Where to stay? The top activities and tours? Let a VA specialising in travel planning take it off your hands and book your dream getaway!