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December edition of Designated Digest

Hello! and welcome to our December edition! In this months newsletter, we look at what it really means to get HR organised in December, ticking at least one big administration's task off your list before the new year.  If you're looking to hire new staff, then our...
Designated Digest

November edition of Designated Digest

Hello! and welcome to our November Issue! We can't quite believe we're here already! Some people at Designated have even begun talking about the C word! The countdown is on. In this months newsletter, we have decided to spice things up, breaking down each of our...
Events Designated

October edition of Designated Digest

Hello! and welcome to our October newsletter. This month we focus on the events industry. We look at some of the new considerations post-pandemic that go beyond choosing between a virtual, hybrid or live format. Things like safety and sustainability. An Industry worth...
digest september

September edition of Designated Digest

Hello! We hope that you’ve had a truly enjoyable summer. Many of us stayed here on UK soil and it has been wonderful to see everybody exploring all of the great places we have right here on our doorstep. The team at Designated have all managed to take some time to...

August Edition of Designated Digest

Hello everyone and welcome to the August edition of our monthly newsletter. Did anybody else blink and miss July?! Perhaps it was all that hot weather. In the news, this week scientists warned that Britain could swelter under its first 40C day within 10 years as...

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