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Designated Digest June

June Edition of Designated Digest

As we step into June we have lots to look forward to, not least Coronavirus restrictions being relaxed as of the 21st. Though we must all be responsible and keep our health at the forefront of our minds, it is exciting to start planning our next chapters, both...
April newsletter

April Edition of Designated Digest

We hope you are all starting to feel the joys of Spring. With the clocks springing forward yesterday and the promise of longer, warmer days we are feeling increasingly positive about the coming days and weeks. In this month's edition the client spotlight is on...
March Newsletter

March Edition of Designated Digest

We were all relieved to hear the Prime Minister speak positively, with some caution, on 22nd February regarding the road map that returns us all to 'normal' life. In this edition our client spotlight is on POD Talent, LinkedIn for beginners, the power of people and...
February Designated Digest newsletter

February Edition of Designated Digest

With Spring just around the corner, we are adopting a positive attitude and hoping for some kind of normal soon!! In this edition our client spotlight is on Ability FM, we look at why a strong brand identity matters, the Brexit effect and meet a new member of our...
December newsletter

December Edition of Designated Digest

This month we breathe a sigh of relief as we say "Goodbye" to a difficult 2020, however we wanted to round the year off with some interesting articles such as our "Guide to working smarter not harder", Understanding hashtag...

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