So you’ve FINALLY launched your business blog after months of putting it off. The hours spent alone on the template is enough to give you a throbbing migraine, but you’ve done it! Congratulations!

But wait, now you actually need to BLOG about your product/ services and the thought is bringing you out in a cold sweat.

Considering your creativity is about to launched to a mass market of potential customers, you have a right to be nervous….. ESPECIALLY when you are lacking in the creativity department!

So here are a few simple tips to get you started on your writers journey and to find your voice.


Obvious maybe, but is there a certain writer/blogger that you admire? One that can transport you to a place or situation where you can almost FEEL you are there? All in one sentence? Do their words flow effortlessly, leaving you with feelings of upliftment, gratitude and even hope?

Then take a closer look and start deconstructing their paragraphs and looking at the key words being used. HOW are their sentences made to be more concise? WHERE do they use a comma?


This is a blog post. Not Hemingway. In fact, Hubspot believes that 55% of readers will only spend around 15 seconds on your website. All the more reason to shorten your sentences, pack a punch and get your point across with some power words.


It’s astonishing the effect of just adding an appropriate name to an object can have on your writing. Take a look at the below example.

‘The child ate her lunch’

‘The 5 year old wolfed down her vanilla sponge’

Still powerful and concise but do you notice the difference? Try glancing over a few of your blog posts now and contemplate if there are more dynamic ways to improve on your sentences.


Recapping on the rather depressing Hubspot fact, we only have around 15 seconds to entice the reader into blissful recognition that our product will TRANSFORM their lives. We don’t have TIME to create wildly indulgent sentences with a smattering of Allan Poe.

So get to the point quickly. Who you are, what is your product? WHY did you create your product and the benefits to the reader.


A paragraph supports a single idea at a time, not 3 ideas mingled in with a dash of added benefits. STOP! We’re aiming at around 3-4 sentences per paragraph in a blog post containing no more than 500-600 words. We have limited time before these inattentive readers nonchalantly flip over to another site!

Is the thought of fitting in a highly engaging blog post into your 50 hour week too much to bare? We already know that business blogs can increase leads by 67%, but where do you find the time?

Simple, just hire one of our Designated PA content experts for just 2 hours a week to create a blog post and graphic for you!