Recent data from top health professionals has shown that working long hours, is a  predominant cause of mental health issues. A 2015 study also revealed, that we are more likely to suffer from the risk of strokes and heart disease.

This isn’t really news to the 6 million Brits that work over 45 hours a week, but to the 1.6 that are unemployed, sharing working hours could lead to more jobs and better a better quality of living.

But What About The Economy? 

Employees in Germany work 5-10 hours less a week, and their economy is booming! As for productivity, it’s actually been proven that it INCREASES with working fewer hours.

I can actually testify to this. I work a 5 hour day due to a medical issue with my vision, and I have had INCREDIBLE results from marketing our brand Designated PA. I found that less hours encourages you to put your head down and get on with it, whereas 8 hours in the office, you get the afternoon lull, where your co workers become restless, you might converse more and have an increase in coffee breaks!

As for our German workers, what did they have to say about our working culture compared to theirs working less hours?

‘“I was in England for an exchange… I was in the office and the people are talking all the time about their private things… ‘What’s the plan for tonight?’, and all the time drinking coffee…”

She later went on to reveal that in Germany, Facebook is not allowed in the office, nor personal emails!

Germany relies on it’s workforce to be diligent and focused, ensuring higher productivity in a shorter amount of time. They also have INCREASED vacation days with many employees receiving 25-30 per year!

So which other countries are experimenting with the work/ life balance?

  • Brazil – They receive a whopping 41 vacation days a year! 11 of these are public holidays
  • Finland – 40 days off a year and subsidised childcare
  • Venezuela – Pay full time mothers a pension, offer 6.5 months maternity leave and reduced weekly hours to 40. 
  • Sweden – 6 hour working days with 38 days off a year
  • Germany – Averaging 27 hours a week, one of the LOWEST in the developing world 

So how can you be more productive and get back your valuable time to spend with your families, ESPECIALLY when you’re running the Startup gauntlet?


Here are just a few comments from startups and small businesses that chose to outsource.

Scheduling – ‘I was completely overwhelmed by scheduling calls, emails and meetings’

I was angry at my work – ‘ I was sitting down and felt a flash of tightness in my chest from anger as I was doing work I really didn’t wan’t to do’

Repetitive tasks – ‘ I found myself doing a lot of repetitive tasks on a daily basis’

My business was growing – ‘It improved my quality of life tremendously’

I realised others could do it better – ‘Once I showed others that my business couldn’t grow without delegation and others can do it better, they got a PA’

Save the hiring costs – ‘With no full time staff, no office space to pay, no utility bills or taxes, this is by far the most cost effective method for hiring’

So back to you. Not enough time on your hands? A dwindling social and family life? Are you looking to get the balance back? Then get in touch with one of our experienced PA’s to see how we can assist you today.

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