Twitter is quiet simply unparalleled when it comes to free, highly influential social media platforms. On trend and concise tweets create exposure, credibility and trust.

Hashtags helps to distinguish you from your competition and find your niche, and informative, unique content can create quiet the following.

The difficult part is being heard above the noise of other small businesses and startups competing for your target audience.

This is where Influencers come in. 

One of the top predictions for content marketing in 2016 has been named as influencer marketing.

Influencers are brand advocates and often have a large, trusted following that could otherwise take a good couple of years to obtain. An influencer can sway the views of an online audience in a certain direction relating to your brand resulting in mass followings, a rise in traffic and a dramatic increase in leads…… if done correctly.

So How Does It Work?

  • Firstly identify influencers in your industry or niche
  • Make a Twitter list consisting of all your key influencers complementary in terms of audience, tone and reach.
  • Build a connection with the influencer by retweeting their posts and comments on why you found the piece useful, do not be scared to give your opinion. This is what will make you stand out.
  • After building a connection over a couple of months, approach the influencer to work together on a piece of content or offer the promotion of one of their products in exchange for a mention of yours.

Of course, there will be many others fluffing up their feathers and targeting your influencer, with endless enthusiasm and positive comments whilst you wait to get noticed, which leads to the next question.

How Do You Catch An Influencers Eye?

  • Tweet empowering business quotes  – ‘In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can’
  • Tweet to at least 4 different people a day, preferable ones with a good connection to your influencer.
  • What are the key hashtags your influencer uses? Target them to ensure you are featured in the same feeds.
  • Tweet from a live business event – it can increase your follower growth by 160%

At Designated PA we understand the power well-timed, concise tweets can bring to your brand. Designated PAs understands that social media is more than self promotion, and customer engagement should be the number one priority. That’s why we would like to use our expertise to assist you in the growth of your business.

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