Hours are whittled away scrunched up over a laptop, your eyes are burning and begging for a release. Maybe a moment or two of the dreaded writers block, but you did it! you’ve just created a masterpiece!

And now it’s time to share it on Facebook, maybe even your partners Facebook. Let’s also go for Linkedin with your 3,000 followers. Surely with the correct hashtags this post will drive a TREMENDOUS amount of traffic!

So we watch, closely, checking up on Google analytics every few hours, but not much change. And at the end of the day, we only received a measly 12 views! You’re COMPLETELY stumped, how is this possible?

Simple. It’s highly likely you didn’t share it on the correct social media platforms almost GUARANTEED to drive an enormous amount of traffic. So take a look at my below 4 tried and tested platforms and start driving traffic today!


Triberr is simply a miracle worker. Imagine if you could have a Twitter reach of 15 million rather than 5,000 and every post added to your website was automatically shared by your Triberr members? AND it’s free? Simply register and start by asking to join groups in your sector. Once you have been added to the groups of your choice, agree to also share relevant tweets onto your Twitter from your tribe. In a sort of communal sharing pool. Then watch as your posts magically spread across Twitter!

Google +

Simply my go to social media sharing platform. Google + can drive an incredible amount of traffic within a couple of hours! In fact, my blog post from Wednesday has received nearly 140 views within 24 hours and all this from a small town girl : ) It’s important to read the group rules or you will find yourself quite frankly being unceremoniously dumped out of the community. I learnt that the hard way! To date, the Google Small Businesses group has been an incredible source of traffic with nearly 1 million members!


Ok, so this may not be the first place that comes to mind when sharing a blog post. BUT the added bonuses include notifications sent to all your followers that you have a new blog post, community groups you can join to share your content, industry specialists reading your material and with any luck, sharing it to your target market. What’s not to love?


This community aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses owners is a MUST for you to share your content. Increase your blog post visibility, drive additional traffic back to your site AND find others in your sector in which you can add your own questions and comments.

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