With over 300 million users worldwide, 16 BILLION photos uploaded, the ability to target and grow your audience through hashtags AND an added selection of filters to give an edge to your photos, Instagram is now one of the most dominant global social media platforms – and growing rapidly.

Add to this a fairly even split when it comes to female and male audiences, (49%/ 51%) and the fact that there are 75 million active users everyday just adds to it’s small business appeal. As a FREE method to get your brands message heard over the crowd, it’s simply unmissable!

Instagram works on the simple concept of uploading your photos onto your account, then using hastags to target certain audiences interested in your subject. Let’s have a look at some simple tips to GROW your business starting from today!

6 Instagram WINNING Tips

  • Clear Photos – Grainy, dark photos will do you no favours on Instagram. Also over crowding a shot and over editing are big no nos. The most popular shared photos are clear, with a slightly blue filter, no clutter and high saturation. Try to keep your theme consistent on each photo. There is one account for example that just posts photos of light blue hued Moroccan doors.
  • Brand Strategy – Why do you want to have an Instagram account for your business? Is it to drive traffic to your website through your photos? To sell a particular service or product? Is it simply to build your brand and entertain your followers?
  • Post Daily – I’ve had experience with this myself. After coming back from a recent holiday with a week off from posting, I was shocked to see a drop of 39 followers! Consistency is key, with larger brands like Nike posting on average 10 times per week.
  • Peak Posting Times – Just like Twitter, there’s also peak posting times for Instagram. I discovered this recently when a photo I posted late on a Saturday night gave me 240 likes. However, the same photo posted on a Monday morning only accounted for 60 likes! Click here to find the best posting times for you.
  • Interact with others – Once again like twitter, it is vital that you interact with your followers to keep them on board. Just a small comment and a few photo likes will greatly add to your appeal. Also, to gain followers at a rapid rate, you will need to FOLLOW others! Don’t expect them all to come to you, that is one of the biggest Instagram start out mistakes. Trust me, I’ve been there. Instead, try also using the Hashtag #like4like. You can also see who isn’t following you back and manage them using the Crowdfire app.
  • Hashtags – Hashtags are vital to your Instagram success. They target a specific audience and your photos will be catalogued under that hashtag. If I used the Hashtag #smallbusinesstips for example, my photo will be added to other photos with the #smallbusinesstips Hashtag. Any user typing in this key hashtag will be taken to where my photo is located, thus finding exactly the service/product they were looking for. Need help with your hashtagging?

Time is something that most start ups are lacking in. If the above simple steps bring you out in a sweat, maybe you should think about hiring an experienced social media expert to manage your Instagram account for just a few hours a week. Get on touch with our Designated PA’s today and together we will build your brand.