Content has come along way since Bill Gates declared it king back in 1996.
It can transform the way businesses interacts with their customers and is the framework of creating loyal devotees.

Thanks to the rise and rise of social media, quality content over quantity is more revered than ever. Millions of brands use content to enthusiastically compete for customer engagement with promises of multiple benefits and life enhancing products.

The competition for creating quality content is fierce….. so why should you compete?

  • 67% of customers said content helps them to make better purchasing choices
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods
  • A business that blogs over 15 times a month receives 5 times more traffic than a business that doesn’t
Need I go on?

So what are the biggest issues with creating your content in house?

All too often, the voice of your brand will be passed onto someone without the gift of being able to engage with your audience naturally, in a way that isn’t too promotional or forced. Have you ever met a good salesman that isn’t likeable? Hence my point.
It also may seem like a good idea give this task to your in house digital marketer, but already consumed with a multitude of jobs, the piece will lack the quality it deserves and considering this is the voice of your brand, don’t you think it deserves a little more devotion?

How about hiring a full time content executive?

If you wish to pay a full time salary for a role that can be outsourced and only really requires a bare minimum of 6 -10 hours per week, then you need to go back to the small business budgeting drawing board! A blog post containing no more than 500 words is enough to capture your audience and to gently shepard them down the sales funnel to convert into another lead.
Outsourcing adds flexibility to your calendar and your budget
Now that you’ve passed your content onto a specialist content curation agency  you can take time to reflect on other areas of marketing that may have been on the back burner. SEO, Facebook ads, your Pinterest campaigns.
How about that newsletter you have been procrastinating over for the last 5 months and actually put thought into action?
Remember, a high quality writing agency will know how to;
  • Optimise SEO to ensure as much traffic as possible is directed from search engines
  • Craft engaging, informative content
  • Use calls to action to turn the blog post into a lead

As for the agency, do they have a blog? It’s a good idea to ask them how much traffic their blog generates for them as an idea of their blog writing skills. At Designated PA, we have had a 60% increase in traffic since we consistently started blogging. I can definitely testify to the multiple benefits and leads this has brought us by just 3 simple posts a week.

Would you like to discuss your blogging needs and brand aspirations going forward? Get in touch today and let’s get you on the path to blogging success!

So what can you do?
Outsource your content.