There’s never a more important time to ensure efficient marketing than at Christmas. Make the most of your online marketing.

Reward your loyal customers

We all know that it takes a lot more time and effort to attract a new customer that it does to keep an existing one so don’t ignore those customers that are loyal to your brand. Reward your previous customers by emailing them a tempting Christmas offer. E.g offer them a voucher for 10% off your products or include an exclusive discount code that will give them free delivery at the checkout. This will not only make your customers feel valued but can also encourage them to make repeat purchases. You could send your valued customers a company calendar containing your upcoming events and a discount code for every month. This way they will be reminded of your company throughout the year and be regularly informed of your events. Photobox offer some great deals for this. Holding Christmas competitions will engage existing customers and may attract new ones. Uploading a picture of a prize and asking Facebook users to ‘share to be in with a chance of winning’ will increase your online presence.

Learn from last year

The best business intelligence you will have about what will happen this year is what happened last year. Take a good look at your google analytics for this time last year:

  • What keywords were being used in searches to reach your site?
  • Did these searches lead to purchases?
  • Which promotional offers worked the best on the website and through emails?
  • What were your top sellers?
  • What did your competitors do last year and how did that impact on your business?

Use this information to improve your sales and make this Christmas the best one yet. Competition for online traffic is relentless and one of the most common problems is that work on Christmas SEO does not start early enough. It is time to identify your key USP and ensure there is a clear and defined path in the navigation to them. Put special offers in to your meta descriptions to improve click through rates and add any new Christmas URLs into your sitemap to ensure the search engines know you have new seasonal pages on your site.

Involve the whole company

People love to see what happens ‘behind the scenes’ in a company. They like to be reminded that a company does consist of real people. Upload photos of what’s going on in the office to your social media. This could include office baking, silly Christmas jumpers or your office Christmas decorations. Consumers will be engaged and therefore spend more time on your company page.

Another way to connect with your customers is to choose a few members of staff and ask each one to pick five of their favourite products. Create a blog post for each staff member, with product images, links to the relevant product pages on your main site and a little bit of information about that employee and why they love each of the five products so much. It’s a simple way of showcasing your festive wares in a personal, engaging manner.

Finally MERRY CHRISTMAS for me and all the team at Designated PA. We look forward to working with you in 2016!